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7 Foods to Prevent Ulcers


Before you reach for a glass of milk to soothe your ulcer pain, consider this: Much of what we used to “know” about ulcers has been proven wrong. Most ulcers aren’t caused directly by stress but by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which is why ulcers today are often treated with antibiotics along with an acid suppressor. Find out which foods can aid in healing and preventing ulcers.

Crisp Finger Sandwich


Although this recipe for a crisp English cucumber sandwich makes a refreshing lunch for one, you can easily whip up a batch for anniversaries and showers using a small party loaf of whole wheat or sourdough bread.

Gluten-Free Chickpea-Chocolate Cake


Here’s a gluten-free cake that’s just as rich as your regular flour-based recipe—and guaranteed to have your whole clan clamouring for a slice.

8 Ways to Shake the Salt Habit


Don’t wait for your doctor to recommend slashing your sodium intake. Shake this bad health habit by gradually implementing these easy salt-reduction strategies. In a few weeks you’ll feel better, and you won’t miss the salt at all.

Lightly Acidic Oyster Marinade


The beer in this recipe by Daniel Notkin of The Old Port Fishing Co. in Montreal rounds out the lightly acidic oyster marinade.

Moroccan Marinade


Morgan Wilson of Trios Bistro in Toronto likes Moroccan marinade with branzini (or catfish or mahi mahi); the firm-textured fish pairs perfectly with deep, exotic flavours.

Adobo Marinade


Chef Jason Townes, from Ryan Duffy’s in Halifax, serves wild-caught Pacific salmon with adobo marinade. Strong-flavoured salmon can handle a piquant sauce well.