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Sweet And Sour Cranberry Chicken

Roast chicken with sweet and sour cranberry sauce

This unusual dish is so delicious it is sure to be a big hit. Serve over steamed rice or couscous. If you are having a small holiday dinner or want something different, this is perfect.

Cranberry-Nut Bread

Cranberry and walnut bread

Present this traditional holiday bread right in the pan in which it was made, surrounded by a double ring of ribbon.

Hanukkah Broccoli and Mushroom Pie

Hanukkah Broccoli and Mushroom Pie

This broccoli and mushroom pie makes for a great Hanukkah dish. But whichever holiday you celebrate in December, you’re sure to love it.

Bourbon-Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

Glazed ham

Easy to make and great to serve, this glorious ham is bound to be a hit for any holiday or special occasion.

Classic Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread man and woman

These edible decorations are very sturdy and can be hung on the tree or just about anywhere. But be sure to make the holes before you bake the cookies.

Macadamia Biscotti

Macadamia nut biscotti

This classic Italian treat makes for one delicious snack (and may be your guests’ favourite dish this holiday).

Coconut Macaroons

Coconut macaroons

Make a sweet gift of macaroons in a transparent plastic envelope with a hole punched through for a ribbon tie.

Cheesy Penny Wafers

Cheesy wafers

These flaky wafers and cheese straws are lower in fat and cholesterol than their traditional cousins, thanks to the use of reduced-fat cheese.

Chocolate Bourbon Balls

Chocolate bourbon balls

Even if mailed across the country, these sophisticated cookies will still be fresh and tasty when they reach their destination.

Christmas Cookie Stars

Assorted Christmas cookies

To make these double-decker beauties, you will need both large and small star-shaped cookie cutters.

Easy Gingerbread Cookies

Assorted gingerbread cookies

This dough is perfect for creating people, animals, or just about any shape your child wants to decorate.

Egg-Filled Tortilla Cups

Egg-Filled Tortilla Cups

Looking for a holiday appetizer that’s a bit outside the box? Look no further than this dish that wonderfully incorporates red and green colours. It would also work wonderfully as a family breakfast.

Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Pudding

What would the holidays be without chocolate bread pudding? This dessert is easy to make, and you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry already!

Asian Beef Pot Stickers

Asian Beef Pot Stickers

These awesome appetizers start off with a delicious meat base mixture that you can also use to make a simple stir-fry recipe.