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10 Must-Visit Farmers’ Markets in Every Province

Is there anything better than strolling through a farmers’ market on a sunny summer morning? From new destinations to markets...

What You Need to Know About Flying Budget Airlines in Canada

Thinking about booking a seat on Canada's budget airlines for a low-cost trip? Here's what you should know before you...

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What I Wish I’d Known Before Moving to Canada

As this recent Canadian immigrant can attest, moving to Canada can involve a bit of culture shock. Here are his...

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12 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Canada

Everybody knows the telephone was invented in Canada, but how many people know that 90 per cent of the world's...

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Check Out Canada’s Biggest Roadside Attractions (Literally!)

Canada is a big country, after all. Is it any wonder we like our roadside attractions super-sized?

10 Canadian Honey Farms That Will Sweeten Your Summer

Offering everything from honey hikes to handmade toiletries, these enterprising honey farms will have you buzzing with excitement.

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20 Things You Had No Idea Were Invented in Canada

Let's celebrate these cool inventions by our fellow Canadians. Our lives would be so much different without them, eh?

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13 Little-Known Facts About Canada’s Most Famous Landmarks

From the CN Tower to the Chateau Frontenac, there's more to these iconic Canadian landmarks than meets the eye!

Can You Name These Famous Canadian Heroes?

Test your knowledge of Canada’s best-known heroes and heroines.

Devery Jacobs: The Indigenous Actress You Need to Know

The Mohawk actress, filmmaker and activist already has a number of prominent television roles under her belt, but she's just...

It’s Official—Kevin Costner Will Be This Year’s Calgary Stampede Parade Marshal

...But he's not the first celebrity to add Hollywood sparkle to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

The Revival of the Red River Cart

Once relegated to history, these sturdy transportation vehicles are finding new life thanks to two master crafters.

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10 Famous Movies You Didn’t Know Were Filmed in Canada

As the go-to destination for Tinseltown's big budget productions, Canada has always been ready for its close-up—even when it's doubling...

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Visiting India for the First Time: What Canadian Travellers Should Know

If you’re joining the 300,000-plus Canadians travelling to India this year, this indispensable guide can help ensure your experience is...

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Canada’s Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders

Canada has some truly wonderful man-made attractions, but nothing can match the raw beauty of our country's natural wonders. These...

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Fit For a Queen (or Future King): 10 Hotels in Canada That Have Hosted Royal Guests

Want to get the royal treatment on your next staycation? You won’t find more regal accommodations than these 10 Canadian...

My Father, My Hero

Honouring the legendary Wilf Hiebert: Blacksmith and welder.

Life Lessons We Can All Learn From the Great Depression

During the Great Depression, you learned to make do—or do without.

Why We Keep Going Back to B.C.’s Green Point Campground

Located in the spectacular Long Beach area of Vancouver Island’s west coast, this unspoiled gem puts the "great" in "the...

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10 Places in Canada Every Canadian Needs to Visit

Canada is a land filled with fascinating places and amazing adventures. The only problem: Narrowing down your choice of destination....

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Hidden Gems of Canada: 12 Awesome Canadian Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of

Think you've seen everything the Great White North has to offer? Think again! From nearly-forgotten natural wonders to one-of-a-kind accommodations,...

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Happy Birthday, Canada: Stunning Red-and-White Photos to Celebrate Canada Day

How would you capture the spirit of Canada Day with your camera? This gorgeous gallery of red-and-white images celebrates all...

The 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Canada

The world-famous Niagara Falls may steal the spotlight, but there are plenty more spectacular waterfalls in Canada worth adding to...

This is the Warmest Place in Canada

Two Canadian cities can lay claim to this title—one has scorching summer highs hotter than Buenos Aires, while another destination...

What Life in the 1800s Was Like For Canadian Immigrants

An old diary reveals a firsthand account of one young family's experience emigrating from England in the late 19th century.

The Day Canada’s Parliament Building Caught Fire

More than 100 years later, the cause of the devastating Parliament Building fire of 1916 remains a mystery.

The Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Every Province

These bucket list destinations deliver Canada’s most impressive sunset views—no Instagram filter required.