The Winning Entries in the 2022-2023 Share Your Canada Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of our annual photo contest—choosing among such amazing entries wasn’t easy! Here are the three winners, along with some others we felt worthy of special mention. Thanks to all who participated.

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Hat Mountain Riders - Photo Contest winner
Shelby Underwood

1st place ($500): On Top of the World

Shelby Underwood, Whitecourt, Alberta

“Every year, close friends and family gather for a two-week trip to the mountains. We enjoy the peace and beauty of Alberta’s landscape as well as sharing our love for our equine partners. I snapped this pic on Hat Mountain near Nordegg, Alberta. It’s nice to get away from it all and forget our problems back in the ‘real world’. There are some challenges with the lack of long distance communication, but at the end of the day, we all agree we wouldn’t change it for the world. I love this pic as it really shows how we feel when we are out there—on top of the world!”

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Frog Photo Contest Winner
Rachelle Mack

2nd place ($300): Golden Moment

Rachelle Mack, Janetville, Ontario

“We have a frog that lives under the dock at our residence on Lake Scugog that we named Frederico. One summer night at sunset, I decided to sit in the water to get this shot of Frederico in the golden light. I had to hold the camera right at water level to get this perspective.”

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Morning Mist on Toronto Stream - contest winner
Ray Parker

3rd place ($200): Morning Mist

Ray Parker, Toronto, Ontario

“One of the wonderful things about most Canadian cities is the amount of green space around—Toronto is a perfect example. Friends visiting from other countries are always amazed at how many beautiful parks and recreation areas we have close at hand. With all the parkland comes the colourful changing of the leaves in fall. I captured this shot one morning in early November, 2022, in Serena Gundy Park in the West Don River Valley.”

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Storm Front Photography
Lori Barnes

Runner-up: Twister!

Lori Barnes, Bedford, Nova Scotia

“While vacationing in P.E.I., about five years ago, I was driving to Melpeque and kept seeing vans with equipment hanging off of them, just like the vans in the movie Twister. I had no idea that Mother Nature was about to put on the show of a lifetime!”

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Forest With Golden Glow
Timmothy Loewen

Runner-up: Magical Glow

Timmothy Loewen, Altona, Manitoba

“In this photo, I love the light shining through the grove of cedar trees, and the thick hoarfrost clinging to the branches.”

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Blue Jay In Orange Field
Jim Chung

Runner-up: A Study in Contrasts

Jim Chung, Toronto, Ontario

“I particularly like this image because it was taken very late in the year, and the dead brown foliage contrasts so well with the magnificent colours of the blue jay.”

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Bighorn Sheep in Kelowna Bc
Chris Vickerson

Runner-up: Teamwork

Chris Vickerson, Hamilton, Ontario

“If you take a relaxing drive along the outer roads in Kelowna, B.C., you just may run into a local herd of bighorn sheep. This herd was 12 or so strong, moving together as a team—and all watching out for the ‘kids’.”

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