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25 Stunning Travel Photos to Inspire Your Wanderlust

In need of some travel inspiration? Look no further. We asked Canadian photographers to share the best shots from their favourite travels—and the results are truly awe-inspiring.

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American side of Niagara FallsPhoto: Cheryl Power

The American Side

Cheryl Power took this stunning shot of the American portion of Niagara Falls.

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Klor Virap Monastery in ArmeniaPhoto: Alan Cheng

Noah’s Ark

This shot was snapped at the Klor Virap Monastery in Armenia, near its border with Turkey. “The background mountain is Mount Ararat in Turkey,” writes Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ont. Istanbul, one of Turkey’s most prominent cities, happens to be one of the most populated places on Earth.

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Canadian RockiesPhoto: Erla McCormick

The Rockies

We can’t get enough of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, and neither can Erla McCormick!

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Tivola Gardens in DenmarkPhoto: Fred Allin

Gardens of Light

The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, are definitely a bucket list destination.

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Sound of Music Museum in SalzburgPhoto: Paula Brown

My Favourite Things

The Sound of Music Museum in Salzburg, Austria looks like a genuine winter wonderland!

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Streets of IndiaPhoto: Maryse Tremblay

The Streets of India

Maryse Tremblay really makes us feel like we’re there with her in Agra, India.

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holland homesPhoto: Russ Hayes

The Dutch Way

The Hague in the Netherlands is famous for its beautiful brick buildings. Russ Hayes’ shot really guides the eye to fully appreciate the city’s architecture.

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Iceland's famous black churchPhoto: Jen St. Louis

Take Me to Church

Budirkjirka, Budir—Iceland’s famous black church—stands in perfect contrast with the beautiful scenery around it.

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SaharaPhoto: Cat Taylor

Desert Sands

“One of my furthest destinations has been the Sahara in Morocco, where we rode camels off into the red sands to camp overnight and see the desert stars,” writes Cat Taylor of Calgary. “I may have travelled further in miles, but never as far from ‘home’ as I did that night.”

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Netherlands at duskPhoto: Edith Beerda

In the Twilight

This photo was taken in the town of Haarlem, Netherlands at dusk. “This was my first time to Europe, and the Netherlands didn’t disappoint,” writes Edith Beerda.

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mexico templePhoto: Deb Sandau

Ek Balam

Deb Sandau snapped this from the top of a temple looking over the dig site in Ek Balam, Mexico.

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Nova scotia sunsetPhoto: Julie Sabo

A Stunning Sunset

Nova Scotia is truly stunning—especially at sunset.

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Stratford Upon AvonPhoto: Bill Chan

Stratford Avon Light

“I encountered a phenomenal scene in Stratford. The city is beautiful and this particular location, Tom Patterson Island, is my favourite place to catch a nice sunrise,” said Bill Chan.

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Californian treesPhoto: Susan Muehmer

California Dreamin’

Susan Muehmer snapped these mystical trees in the Bohemian Grove at the Muir Woods National monument, California.

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british columbiaPhoto: Marianne Detmar

Best Coast

“Beautiful British Columbia—my first time visiting this beautiful province,” writes Marianne Detmar. “This was taken about one hours drive North of Abbotsford, BC. Will definitely be back!” writes Marianne Detmar.

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Jasper Lake in AlbertaPhoto: Linda Stacey

Medicine Lake

“I travel to the Alberta Rockies every year I can,” writes Linda Stacey. “The beauty is well worth the trip.”

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Colorado road tripPhoto: Dave Bowman

Road Trip

Dave Bowman drove from Edmonton to drive way up above the tree-line on Pike’s Peak, Colorado to get this stunning shot.

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Panda at San Diego ZooPhoto: Jillian Manton


“I was fortunate enough to visit the San Diego Zoo,”writes Jillian Manton of Cambridge, Ont. “The pandas were visiting and enjoyed posing for pictures in the sun.”

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Dettifoss Falls, IcelandPhoto: Bruce Raby

Contrasting Colours

Iceland’s otherworldly Dettifoss Falls—reportedly Europe’s second-most powerful waterfall—was masterfully shot by Bruce Raby.

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EgyptPhoto: Maryalice Wood

Standing Guard

The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt is thought to be the link between mankind and the gods. Maryalice Wood captured the iconic half-man, half lion in all its glory!

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Peggy's CovePhoto: Marg Newton


If this shot of Peggy’s Cove at sundown doesn’t convince you to pack your bags and head to Nova Scotia immediately, we don’t know what will.

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Kruger National Park, South AfricaPhoto: Char Jones

Four Brothers

Char Jones of Rocky Mountain House, Alta., captured these cheetah on a morning stroll in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

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CotswoldsPhoto: Maria Powell


The honey-coloured stone houses of the Cotswolds are the epitome of “English village.”

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Urqhart Castle, ScotlandPhoto: Olivia Lane

Majestic Ruins

Situated beside the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands, the Urqhart Castle (captured here by Olivia Lane of Cobourg, Ont.) dates back to the 13th century.

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Low Tide in El Golfo de Santa Clara, MexicoPhoto: Sheila Faryna

Low Tide

Sheila Faryna’s shot of Mexico’s El Golfo de Santa Clara is wonderfully understated.

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