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The Big Trees of Vancouver Island Are Enough to Take Your Breath Away

Viewing these West Coast giants for the first time was truly awe-inspiring.

10 Canadian Travel Influencers Who Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags

Looking for travel inspiration? You’ll find it in abundance on these Canadian influencers’ social feeds!

How St. Marys Earned the Nickname of Stonetown

Discover the fascinating story behind this Ontario town's unique architecture—a feature that earned it a starring role in TV's Murdoch...

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The Most Beautiful Botanical Garden in Every Province

Join our (virtual!) garden tour of brilliant blossoms and lush landscaping.

Remembering the Old Country Store

In the 1930s, the country store was the hub of rural communities across Canada.

Can You Really Be Jailed For Picking Trilliums in Ontario?

Law or urban legend? We got to the bottom of this provincial mystery once and for all.

Ontario’s Most Famous Ghost Town Might Disappear Soon

Located about four hours east of Toronto, the town of Balaclava has rightfully earned its place in Canadian ghost town...

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The Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms Across Canada

After a long winter, Canadians are eager to put a spring in their step. The gorgeous cherry blossoms at these...

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Banff’s Best-Kept Secrets

Known the world over as the crown jewel of Canada’s national parks, Banff offers so much more than invigorating mountain...

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The Best Coffee Roasters Across Canada

There’s no need to venture out for a delicious cup of coffee. Step up your morning routine with fresh beans...

10 Canadian Castles Worth Exploring

These magnificent structures spark the imagination—and offer fascinating insights into Canadian history.

A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Soaring high above the Canadian Rockies was a vacation highlight for this Maritime couple.

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Can You Crack the Secret Language of Pilots?

Put your vocabulary to the test by matching these aviation terms with their proper definitions.

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These Stunning Tulip Photos Are the Next Best Thing to a Garden Tour

We challenged you to capture blooming bulbs on camera, and you delivered! From fresh-cut arrangements to full flowerbeds, these fantastic...

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I’ve Worked at an All-Inclusive Resort for 10 Years—These Are 19 Mistakes Every Traveller Should Avoid

These all-inclusive resort tips just might be the difference between a vacation disaster and the trip of a lifetime

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The Best Bird-Watching Spot in Every Province

Canada's most avid bird-watchers reveal 10 locations where our feathered friends can be found in abundance.

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The World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

A casual bike ride can show you sides of a city not seen on foot and can transport you to...

Beauty and the Barrens: Our Canoe Trip Through the Canadian Arctic

The Barren Lands of the Canadian Arctic are inadequately described with words and photographs. Nonetheless, I wish to piece some...

Eternally Yours: Reflections on a Lifelong Romance

"Our years together were spent sharing our dreams and happiness, our worries and sorrows. We were blessed indeed. This wonderful...

If You Spot a Large White Bird in the Okanagan This Spring, It’s Probably One of These

You'd never think these winged wonders would venture this far north, but they're actually a common sight in the skies...

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Rural Roots: A Hilarious Cartoon Series from the Pages of Our Canada

We’re sure that you’ll get a chuckle from “Rural Roots,” a tribute to the great outdoors by Ontario-based Jack Lown,...

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11 Unique Maple Syrup Farms Across Canada

Nothing says spring like a trip to the local sugar bush. Check out 12 maple syrup producers putting their own...

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The Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Booking a Vacation Online

Learning from these mistakes could save you money—and major headaches—on your next holiday.

Wild Horse Adventures in High River, Alberta

Photographing these incredible creatures was at the top of Norma Van Alstine’s bucket list.

Before She Passed, My Grandmother Shared Her Childhood Memories of the 1920s

Her family was among the early settlers in North Bay, Ontario, which meant land had to be cleared before work...

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10 Great Things To Do in Jasper

Between its fairytale forests, lofty mountains and jewel-toned lakes, Jasper National Park is a haven for outdoor adventurers or anyone...

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The Grown-Up’s Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood

This iconic L.A. theme park isn’t just for kids. Check out the legendary attraction’s top draws for adults, and insider...

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These Vintage Postcards Offer a Unique Glimpse Into Canada’s Past

Using the "social media" of long ago to explore family roots has grown into a fascinating hobby for this Quebecer.

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Spanish Phrases Everyone Should Memorize

Whether you're planning on visiting a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to bone up on your Español, these phrases are...