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Welcome to the Chocolate Capital of Canada

The town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, makes a sweet stop on any traveller’s east coast adventure.

Track Record: Tracing the Routes of the Historic E&N Railway

It's been years since the last train passed over the E&N railway tracks, but following them on foot is a...

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Where to Find Canada’s Best Cup of Coffee

The best coffee in Canada is closer than you think. Check out these top-notch java joints across the country, complete...

A Passion for Wildlife Photography

Our country is chock full of incredible wildlife, you just have to get out and look for it!

How the Canadian Tulip Festival Became a Spring Tradition

Discover the fascinating history of this beloved Ottawa celebration.

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Canada in Bloom: Stunning Flower Photography From Across the Country

After a seemingly endless winter, nothing beats the vibrant colours of Canada in bloom! Check out this gallery of spectacular...

This is What it Was Like Living in Saskatchewan in the 1930s

Despite the hardships, the memories of farm life in the small town of Balcarres during the Great Depression will never...

10 Victoria Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Planning a trip to the picturesque and historic B.C. capital? Here are 10 Victoria attractions worth adding to your itinerary.

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Back to the Farm: A Breathtaking Gallery of Barns Across Canada

Nostalgic for the wide open Canadian countryside? From freshly-painted, pristine structures to weather-beaten outbuildings that have seen better days, these...

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The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Travel For Seniors

Roam if you want to—but don’t forget these items if you’re over 60 or have medical issues.

A Visit From This Bright Yellow Bird is a Sure Sign of Spring

It’s not every day that a yellow warbler visits your backyard!

Exploring Fairy Hole Cave—Cape Breton’s Best-Kept Secret

The lore and legend of Fairy Hole Cave haunted Andrea MacEachern from childhood. It wasn't until years later that she...

The Big Trees of Vancouver Island Are Enough to Take Your Breath Away

Viewing these West Coast giants for the first time was truly awe-inspiring.

10 Canadian Travel Influencers Who Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags

Looking for travel inspiration? You’ll find it in abundance on these Canadian influencers’ social feeds!

How St. Marys Earned the Nickname of Stonetown

Discover the fascinating story behind this Ontario town's unique architecture—a feature that earned it a starring role in TV's Murdoch...

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The Most Beautiful Botanical Garden in Every Province

Join our (virtual!) garden tour of brilliant blossoms and lush landscaping.

Remembering the Old Country Store

In the 1930s, the country store was the hub of rural communities across Canada.

Can You Really Be Jailed For Picking Trilliums in Ontario?

Law or urban legend? We got to the bottom of this provincial mystery once and for all.

Ontario’s Most Famous Ghost Town Might Disappear Soon

Located about four hours east of Toronto, the town of Balaclava has rightfully earned its place in Canadian ghost town...

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The Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms Across Canada

After a long winter, Canadians are eager to put a spring in their step. The gorgeous cherry blossoms at these...

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Banff’s Best-Kept Secrets

Known the world over as the crown jewel of Canada’s national parks, Banff offers so much more than invigorating mountain...

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The Best Coffee Roasters Across Canada

There’s no need to venture out for a delicious cup of coffee. Step up your morning routine with fresh beans...

10 Canadian Castles Worth Exploring

These magnificent structures spark the imagination—and offer fascinating insights into Canadian history.

A Breathtaking Helicopter Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Soaring high above the Canadian Rockies was a vacation highlight for this Maritime couple.

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Can You Crack the Secret Language of Pilots?

Put your vocabulary to the test by matching these aviation terms with their proper definitions.

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These Stunning Tulip Photos Are the Next Best Thing to a Garden Tour

We challenged you to capture blooming bulbs on camera, and you delivered! From fresh-cut arrangements to full flowerbeds, these fantastic...

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I’ve Worked at an All-Inclusive Resort for 10 Years—These Are 19 Mistakes Every Traveller Should Avoid

These all-inclusive resort tips just might be the difference between a vacation disaster and the trip of a lifetime

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The Best Bird-Watching Spot in Every Province

Canada's most avid bird-watchers reveal 10 locations where our feathered friends can be found in abundance.

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The World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

A casual bike ride can show you sides of a city not seen on foot and can transport you to...