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10 of the Most Memorable Royal Tours of Canada

Although we've yet to see a royal tour of Canada in the Netflix series The Crown, the royal family has...

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12 Magical Drive-Through Christmas Light Displays Across Canada

The best places to enjoy this cherished holiday tradition from the safety of your own car.

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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas in Canada

Do you know Rudolph's Canadian connection? Or how many turkeys get devoured at Canadian dinner tables?

15 Amazing Places You’ve Taken Our Canada Magazine

Money, boarding passes, passport, a copy of Our Canada magazine... Have you packed the essentials for your far-flung destination? These...

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This is What a Country Christmas Was Like in the 1950s

After the chores were done, family fun, lots of food and good cheer took centre stage.

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50 Problem Solving Presents Under $50: The Great Canadian Gift Guide

Tired of giving gifts that end up collecting dust on the shelf? These thoroughly practical presents are guaranteed to please...

Finding a Purpose and Second Family with the War Amps

Sima Culjak survived for seven days in a canyon and had both legs amputated. The War Amps helped her find...

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The Everlasting Bond Between a Dog and its Owner

For most of Dean Whitford's five decades, his "pack" has included a dog—but he's never chosen any of them.

Exploring the Beauty of Western Canada in an RV

Carolyn Meldrum and her husband Dave used to talk about the idea of visiting western Canada. They finally found the...

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The Incredible Story of How a Small Saskatchewan Community Rallied to Save the Life of an Unborn Baby

Fifty-three years after a tragic accident took the life of his mother, mechanic Don Mason received a phone call from...

This Scarborough Condo Has a Secret Santa Who Delivers to All 238 Units in Her Building

A heartwarming story about a Christmas elf who’d prefer to remain anonymous among her neighbours.

Joy to the World: Joyful Photography From Across Canada

Joy might have seemed hard to come by in 2020, but these heartwarming photos remind us there are still plenty...

Remembering Our First Christmas in Canada

In the winter of 1963, this Irish family celebrated their first Christmas in Toronto. The snow was like nothing they...

How I Learned to Love the Canadian Winter

All it took was an exhilarating B.C. mountain hike for this fan of warm weather to see the true beauty...

What Christmas Was Like During the Great Depression

Despite the Depression, the Christmas was full of joy.

This Random Act of Small Town Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

After a photo negative was found in a secondhand suitcase, the residents of Almonte, Ontario, stopped at nothing to get...

My Family’s Christmas Tradition: The Great Amaryllis Growing Contest

This family's festive amaryllis growing contest has blossomed into a full-grown event—and one of the highlights of their holiday season.

A Photographer on Capturing the Moon in Its Full Beauty

Learning to capture great photos of the full moon has been a joyful journey for this Alberta photographer.

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Deck the Halls: 20+ Holiday Decorating Ideas From Across Canada

We challenged you to capture the prettiest holiday decorating ideas on camera, and you delivered! Here's how Canadians deck the...

What a Cross-Country Road Trip to the East Coast Taught This Couple

A cross-country trip provided a brand new perspective on the beauty of the East Coast for Mark Lane and his...

This is What Autumn in Canada Looks Like: 30+ Spectacular Fall Photos

Changing leaves, morning mists, soft evening light and vibrant splashes of colour—autumn in Canada is a dream season for shutterbugs...

A Tree For Every Hero

With two years to go, The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign is transforming our continent’s busiest highway into the world’s...

These Magical Photos of Frozen Bubbles Will Take Your Breath Away

Creating beautiful bubbles of ice and capturing them in photographs makes for a magical winter pastime.

10 Best Places For Stargazing Across Canada

Whether you’re a first-time observer or a seasoned astronomer, these destinations are worth visiting for their breathtaking views of the...

Three Days in Southern Alberta

Jackie Gartner of Lloydminster, Alberta, shares the amazing scenery, wildlife and historic sites encountered on her brief but awesome adventure.

29 Powerful True Stories of Canadian Veterans to Read for Remembrance Day

On Nov. 11, remember the bravery of those who have served the True North Strong and Free with these harrowing...

How Cree Code Talkers From Alberta Helped Win the Second World War

Coded messages based on the Cree language made it difficult for the enemy to monitor and decipher Allied transmissions during...