Our Canada, Our Kids

You hear a lot about the younger generation spending too much time with their electronic devices, but these little ones know the great outdoors is where it's at!

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Cute kids in the great outdoors
Photo: Natalie Cranston

Smile Pretty!

“I snapped this photo of my daughters Silene (left) and Kiley in this beautiful canola field several years ago,” says Natalie Cranston of Sturgeon County, Alberta.

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Young boys
Photo: Buffy LaBonte-Sias

Boys Will Be Boys

“I took this picture of my sons and nephews in a farmer’s field outside of Yorkton, Sask.” shares Buffy LaBonte-Sias of Whitehorse. “Pictured (from left) is my son Hudson, my nephews Kanin and Graden, and my other son Cullen.

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Baby in a lavender farm
Photo: Ann Lane

Fragrant Fields

“This little fellow is my nephew, Elliott Huffman,” shares Ann Lane of Coburg, Ontario. “I captured this pic when my mum, and my sister and I, along with our kids, ventured out to a lavender farm just north of Port Hope, Ont. It was our first time visiting a lavender farm, and what a beautiful place it was!”

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Little girl reading a book in her garden
Photo: Joanne Johnson

Peaceful Among the Posies

Joanne Johnson of Nisku, Alta., snapped this pretty pic, writing,“This is my then 10-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth, spending a quiet summer afternoon reading in my garden.“

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Cute kids
Photo: Richard Main

Pure Joy

Richard Main of Thunder Bay sent along this adorable photo of his granddaughter, Charlotte. She’s having a great time, isn’t she?

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Flower girl
Photo: Susan Norberg

Flower Girl

Susan Norberg of Eckville, Alta., captured this great shot of her granddaughter, Aliyah. “She loves flowers,“ explains Susan, “so she asked me to snap her photo at our ‘happy place’—Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C.“

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Cute kids
Photo: Meredith Westcott

Can I Look Yet?

Meredith Westcott of Kingston, Ont., snapped this great wintry shot of her son Zaidan out in their backyard a few years ago.

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Children feeding birds
Photo: Paula Brown

A Bird in the Hand

Paula Brown of Ottawa sent along this cheerful pic, writing, “Jack Pine Trail in Ottawa is a spectacular place to feed birds and certainly a great spot to feed the friendly chickadees. My granddaughters Emily (left) and Ashley delight in this experience, as you can tell by their faces!”

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Child ballerina in the snow
Photo: Stacey Mcfarlane

Prima Ballerina

Stacey Mcfarlane of Miramichi, N.B., shares this photo of her daughter, Hanna, at nearby French Fort Cove Nature Park. Hanna was posing for a winter-themed photo shoot.

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Child in igloo
Photo: Patti-Kay Hamilton

Give Me Shelter

Patti-Kay Hamilton of Fort Smith, N.W.T., writes,“Winter is long and cold here, but our children and grandchildren have fun in the snow. I snapped this shot of our grandson Kayd as he stayed outside to build a snow fort, after he’d spent the morning cross-country skiing.“

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Little girl with bear statue
Photo: Linda Ronsko

Do You See What I See?

Linda Ronsko of Bawlf, Alta., shares this cute pic, writing, “At first, my granddaughter, Alexa, was a bit leery of the bear statue her parents gave me as a gift. She eventually got close enough to try and see what the bear was looking at up in the trees.“

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Intrepid sledders
Photo: Tricia Campbell Laurier

Intrepid Sledders

Tricia Campbell Laurier of Ste. Rose du Lac, Man., says, “My three sons (from left), Levi, Augustus and Olivie, were sledding down the river bank by our house. We’d had a big dump of snow, and it was very mild outside. At one point, I made them some hot cocoa, so they took a quick break.“

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Cute kids dressed up for winter
Photo: Gert Welder

Let’s Ride!

Gert Welder of Kelowna, B.C., snapped this fun photo, writing,“My grandkids (from left) Kristina, Jarrett, Wyatt and Liam made sure to dress for the cold before enjoying a sleigh ride in Ardmore, Alta.”

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Kids play fighting in the snow
Photo: Marge Wolfe

Tussling Tots

“Our granddaughter Charlie (left) and grandson Daxton made the most of the freshly fallen snow with an intense wrestling match,” says Marge Wolfe of Cadogan, Alta. “The winner was undetermined!”

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Little girl happy in winter
Photo: Tricia Parker

A Rare Treat

Tricia Parker of Ladysmith, B.C., says, “This kind of weather, with freezing temperatures and lots of snow, doesn’t happen often on southern Vancouver Island, but when it does, it brings my daughter Anna pure joy!”

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Little girl snow sledding
Photo: Rhonda Beirnes

Hold On Tight!

Rhonda Beirnes of Listowel, Ont., snapped this cute pic of her granddaughter Avery, writing, “No big hill needed—just a small ramp and her Uncle Josh willing to pull her around the yard!”

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Cute kids dressed as cowboys with a horse
Photo: Sharon Peters

Three Wise Cowboys

Sharon Peters of Three Hills, Alta., writes, “At a recent family reunion, the cousins acted out a ‘cowboy’ version of the Nativity scene. There were 11 children involved, ranging in age from one month to 11 years. This picture is of three of the cousins (from left: Cooper, Adam and Seth) who were playing the role of the three wise men. They were on their way to find baby Jesus, who was being played by their one-month old cousin.”

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Kitty nibbles
Photo: Suzanne Howg

Kitty Nibbles

Suzanne Howg of Prelate, Sask., sent along this priceless pic writing, “My youngest son, David, likes to be helpful, so, when his brother A.J.’s cat Spooks kept going back to our old house after we moved, David would walk the two blocks over there and bring her back. Spooks didn’t want to cooperate on the way home—she didn’t bite David, just let him know she wasn’t happy!“

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Little girl takes a selfie with her dog
Photo: Sarah Eifert

Sweet Selfie

Sarah Eifert of Wembley, Alta., says, “My daughter Rachel adores summertime, campfires and pets! She captured this photo of herself and Patches, our friend’s very special deaf puppy. The expressions on their faces say it all, and capture the joy of that evening!”

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