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Walking in a Winter Wonderland: 7 Shots Celebrating the Canadian Winter

Looking to do some winter picture-taking? These spectacular shots of Canada’s snow-covered landscapes might be just the inspiration you need.

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Winter photographyPhoto: Grace Matthies

Quiet Beauty

Grace Matthies of Coaldale, Alta., says, “The late evening sun hitting the trees after the fog and snow had painted everything white made for a beautiful photo.”

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Grey jay birdPhoto: Myriam Cyr

Smile for the Birdie

Myriam Cyr of Saint-Andre, N.B. says, “This beautiful grey jay seemed to be just waiting to have his picture taken on this lovely, sunny day!”

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Train going over Fabyan Trestle BridgePhoto: Erika Foley

Crossing Over

The thick hoarfrost adds to the beauty of this great shot of a train going over the Fabyan Trestle Bridge, snapped by Erika Foley of Wainwright, Alta.

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Red barnPhoto: Janice Storch King

The Old Red Barn

Janice Storch King of High River, Alta., captured this image of the Munroe Barn at Sheppard Family Park, a historic park in southern Alberta that showcases early pioneer life.

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Snow covered treesPhoto: Melissa Kustra

Snow Ghosts

Melissa Kustra of Kingston, Ont., writes, “I snapped this photo while my family and I were driving back from Kelowna, B.C. The snow ghosts—trees weighted by snow, bending and hovering over the landscape—lined the sides of the highway.”

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Two dogs outside in the snowPhoto: Norma Keith

Skye and Monty

Norma Keith of Baltimore, Ont., snapped this pic of her dogs Skye (left) and Monty enjoying the winter wonderland. “Unfortunately, we lost our beloved Skye to cancer last spring, but this will be a lovely tribute to him,” shares Norma.

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Bird at bird feederPhoto: Roger Lafontaine

Gotta Fly!

Roger Lafontaine of Cornwall, Ont., says, “This little guy was enjoying a break at the bird feeder, while we were enjoying a hot-chocolate break. I was lucky enough to get a pose from our feathered friend as he readied to leave the feeder. I captured this shot in Carlsbad Springs near Ottawa, where cross-country skiing is a must!”