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The 9 most interesting cities in Canada

Canadians from coast to coast have shared their submissions, and we're pleased to announce the winners of our

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Caption Corner – March 2013

Roy Parry of Calgary was driving along when he noticed this dog sitting next to a parking sign in Drumheller,

What is it? – March 2013

George Harlow of Midhurst, Ont., writes, “I bought this item at a garage sale for $2, but the person who

Canada’s 10 Coolest Ski Hills and Resorts

Hit the slopes, carve some powder and discover Canada's biggest and best ski hills and resorts.

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9 Must-Visit Canadian Winter Resorts

Travel from coast to coast, and embrace the cool, crisp winter air with this guide to...

What Is It? – Feb/March 2013

Dorothy Seibold of Stranraer, Sask., writes, “My husband, Lloyd, likes browsing for unique articles and found this great conversation piece.

Caption Corner – Feb/March 2013

Agnes Bylsma of Kingston writes, “One summer, my husband, John, and I, with our friends Gary and Audrey, went to

Canada’s 10 Coolest Winter Festivals

Summer's not the only time to celebrate. Pack your favourite toque and warmest parka for these 10 winter festivals that...

10 Places in Canada Every Canadian Needs To Visit

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While Waiting for Santa

While waiting for Ol' Saint Nick to arrive, why not pick up Our Canada and relax a while!

Caption Corner – January 2013

Sandra Beaumont of Bracebridge, Ont., sent in this pic of her four-year-old grandson, Mason, meeting his new pony named Moose.

What Is It? – January 2013

Linda Callahan of Kelowna, B.C., writes, “I picked this item up at a garage sale. It’s made of cast iron

Canada’s Top 10 Shopping Malls

Canadians love to shop-and we don't let the cold weather slow us down. Here are Canada's biggest and best

Editor’s Choice Award Winner

So many great photos were submitted to our Summer Fun Photo Contest it was difficult to choose a winner, but...

10 Must-Try Canadian Restaurants

Expand your dining horizons by exploring the more interesting establishments on offer from coast to coast.

Caption Corner – December/January 2013

Mable Ward of Ottawa writes, “My husband, Pierre, and I love all things Canadian; we were even married on Canada

What Is It? – December/January 2013

“I got this object from an elderly aunt and would like to know more about it,” writes Doris Brown of

10 Best Places To Shop in Canada

Tour the country and don't forget to bring a little spending money, as we reveal Canada's 10 best places to...

Remembrance Day Tribute

From personal tributes to National memorials, Canadians across the country remember the fallen. How do you remember?

What Is It – November 2012

Tracey McKee of Walton, Ont., writes, “This item has been in our family hardware store in Seaforth, Ont., for years.

Caption Corner – November 2012

“I snapped this photo last fall,” writes Rebecca Bromberger of Barrhead, Alta. “These two cow moose were standing in a

Which Hometown Would You Pick?

B.C., B.C. or B.C.?!

The Bavarian Heartbeat of Canada

Markus Buessecker in Guelph, Ont., for a one-year work experience and travel exchange, went to the Oktoberfest in Waterloo-Kitchener,...

Popular Choice Award Winner

The Facebook votes are in and counted and the winner of the $500 Popular Choice Award is Craig Hilts of...

Toronto or Yellowknife?

The RD editorial team chose Toronto but Gary George chose Yellowknife for his favourite of the week, which would you...