Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: Four-Legged Friends

Last month, we asked you to share photos of your best four-legged friends, and you rose to the challenge! Brighten up your day with these 20 photographs of some of Canada’s cutest animals.

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Dog on snowy field against a sunset
Photo: Kim MacDonald Cameron

Dogs love sunsets too

Kim MacDonald Cameron sent us this beautiful shot of her dog Daisy-who, by the looks of it, loves exploring the snowy fields of Bow Island, Alberta every chance she gets.

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Chameleon smiling
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Karma chameleon

Photographer Jen St. Louis of Ontario took this vivid photo of Norbert the chameleon. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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Cat kissing mouse on lawn
Photo: Rosa Cross

A game of cat and mouse

Rosa Cross really nailed the playful vibe of last month’s Theme Pic Challenge with this cute photo. Cats and mice are supposed to be foes, but judging by this photograph, we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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Photo: Shawn Lee Cormier

The odd couple

Who says wildly different dog breeds can’t be best friends? Shawn Lee Cormier’s photo of these two proves that the saying is true-opposites attract.

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Horse and mare
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Parent and child

Colts-a sure sign of spring! Photographer Cathy Gauthier was just driving the backroads of Magnetawan, Ontario when she happened upon this site of a mare with her colt in their pasture.

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Photo: Richard Todoruk

B.C. Mountain High

Hiking dog Clue has been on several arduous climbs all over British Columbia, from the Rogers Pass to the Nicola Valley. Photographer Richard Todoruk took this photograph of him relaxing-finally. Keep it up, Clue!

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Amputee dog
Photo: Noorbanu Mohamedali

Hot wheels

Dogs have often been described as the happiest creatures on earth, and this photograph proves that! Noorbanu Mohamedali of Ontario took this wonderful shot of Harrison, who has lost his hind legs-but not his desire to play.

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Stray cat sitting near trees
Photo: Maryse Tremblay

Your friendly neighbourhood cat

Maryse Tremblay of Quebec took this beautiful shot of the neighbourhood cat for our Theme Pic Challenge. According to Maryse, the cat likes to spend time chasing after squirrels in her backyard.

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Female Saluki breed dog
Photo: Maryse Tremblay

A majestic portrait

The word “majestic” should only be used sparingly, but this photograph of Yani the Saluki deserves that description. Saluki dogs are typically long-legged, deep-chested and reserved. Thanks for sharing, Maryse!

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Owner with three pugs
Photo: Amanda Dalglish

Three little pugs

We have a feeling this trio is quite the handful! Amanda Dalglish sent us this adorable shot of (from left to right) Ben, Sausha and Duncan-a pack of pugs who enjoyed hiking the trails on their trip to Waskesui Lake in Prince Albert National Park.

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Pony sleeping in the hay
Photo: Rebecca Bromberger

My little pony

This sleeping sweetheart was born on Mother’s Day this year. What better gift could you receive? Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

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Cat in the garden
Photo: Heather McIlravey

In the garden

Taking a photograph of an animal is incredibly difficult because of how unpredictable and quick they are. Photographer Heather McIlravey’s shot of Eddie the cat manages to look effortless.

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Rescue cat looking up with striking eyes
Photo: Dale Matthies

Rescue cat

Cats are widely known for their vivid and colourful eyes-and Misty the rescue cat is no different. Her eyes look like they’re glowing! Thanks for sharing, Dale!

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Deer on field turning his head
Photo: Paul O'Toole

The great outdoors

Seeing a deer in person is a rare occurrence, but Paul O’Toole managed to take a quick shot of this beautiful white-tailed deer keeping a close watch on its surroundings. Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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Tillie the dog wearing a life jacket and going for a swim
Photo: Nicole Watson

Going for a swim

Meet Tillie the Newfoundland dog, who in this particular moment is watching out for her small wooden canoe paddle-her favorite fetch toy. According to photographer Nicole Watson, Tillie is a great companion and loves everyone she meets too!

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Photo: Kim Goslin

Horse play

Photographer Kim Goslin took this ethereal photo of a foal observing the pastures. Every summer, a horse herd arrives near Kim’s home in British Columbia.

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Little critter
Photo: Dave Carnahan

Little critters

Photographer Dave Carnahan managed to take a photo of the mischievous little critter who likes to dig holes and tunnels in his backyard. Luckily for him, Dave only shoots with his camera!

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Donkey looking through fence
Photo: Linda Sweeney

Funny faces

Who says donkeys don’t have a sense of humour? Linda Sweeney came across this cute fellow on a Sunday night drive in New Brunswick and couldn’t resist getting out of the car and taking a shot. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

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Baby giraffe at Calgary Zoo
Photo: Charlotte Hennin

Standing tall

Photographer Charlotte Hennin certainly has a handle on last month’s Theme Pic Challenge. Here’s her shot of baby giraffe Narobi, taken at the Calgary Zoo.

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White dog playing in field
Photo: Jen St. Louis

Field of dreams

You can’t help but envy this golden dog. Photographer Jen St. Louis captures the wondrous feeling animals must feel when outdoors. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

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