Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: In the Garden

We asked you to share your original garden-themed photography, and you ROSE to the challenge! These 20 stunning shots will inspire you to flex your green thumb.

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Monarch butterfly craving nectar from yellow flower
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Float like a butterfly

Did you know that monarch butterflies can travel over 300 kilometres in one day? Isabelle Marozzo took a lovely shot of this particular monarch butterfly, who, by the looks of it, seems to be craving some nectar. Thanks for sharing, Isabelle!

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Black-eyed susans
Photo: Deb Sandau

Black and yellow

Photographer Deb Sandau snapped this lovely photo in Red Deer, Alberta. Part of the sunflower family, Black-eyed Susans are undoubtedly one of the most well-known flowers.

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Columbine flowers in bloom
Photo: Fred Allin

In bloom

With this shot, photographer Fred Allin of Ontario manages to make normal columbine flowers look delightfully surreal-you can almost feel the texture of these plants.

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Close-up of dandelion
Photo: Marc Beach

Make a wish

From afar, dandelions are a gardener’s worst nightmare. But up close, Marc Beach of Ontario proves that they can be beautiful too. Thanks for sharing, Marc!

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Close-up of purple coneflower
Photo: @kes62

The perennial

This shot of a lonely coneflower looks absolutely wonderful. Photographer @kes62 snapped this in the garden of an old house in Baddow, Ontario.

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Group of pink daisies
Photo: Norma Keith

Pretty in pink

The name “daisy” comes from the Old English “daes eag,” meaning “day’s eye” (after the way the flowers open at dawn). With this shot by Norma Keith, we can definitely see why!

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Close-up of lilac bush
Photo: Cheryl Power

O, lilac

Our Canada’s Theme Pic Challenge for June, “In the Garden,” generated some splendid snapshots. Cheryl Power took this colourful photograph of a lilac bush in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Ladybug on leaf
Photo: Janice Storch

A ladybug’s life

It’s easy to spot a ladybug but hard to look at one up-close, which makes Janice Storch’s shot of this on-the-move ladybug even more impressive.

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Close-up of orange day lilies
Photo: Karen Allin

Morning dew

Photographer Karen Allin took this great shot of two orange daylilies just as the sun came up in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Close-up of green and black butterfly
Photo: Karen Allin

Green spots

Karen Allin really nailed this month’s Theme Pic Challenge. Who needs pretty flowers when you can have prettier butterflies stop by instead?

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Raindrops on purple spring flowers
Photo: Heather Loewen

Raindrops are fallin’

Heather Loewen certainly has a handle on this month’s Theme Pic Challenge. Here she manages to make raindrops look like they’re stuck in time. Thanks for sharing, Heather!

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Purple, red and yellow petunias
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Life in Technicolor

Photographer Joyce Stolte’s shot of petunias in Edmonton, Alberta is an excellent representation of summer-bright, colourful, happy and inviting.

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Orange "brass band" rose
Photo: Warren Hoeg

Tangerine dream

Photographer Warren Hoeg’s shot highlights why orange roses are so special-they’re vibrant, energetic and, above all else, a new spin on something classic.

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Caterpillar crawling on flower branch
Photo: Linda Sweeney

A leisurely stroll

Linda Sweeney took this delightful shot of a caterpillar taking a stroll on her flower basket. But don’t be fooled by those cool patterns! Life’s hard at the bottom of the food chain, so caterpillars have all kinds of clever strategies to avoid becoming a bird’s breakfast.

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This beautiful garden is at Riverside Park in Guelph, Ontario
Photo: Linda Prudhomme

The not-so-secret garden

Photographer Linda Prudhomme happened upon this enviable garden at Riverside Park in Guelph, Ontario. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

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White daisies
Photo: Joyce Stolte

Less is more

It’s been said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and few flowers are as simple and elegant as the daisy. This month’s theme inspired Joyce Stolte to send us this superb shot of her garden. Thanks for sharing, Joyce!

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Flowers on a shrub in the Barriefield Rock Garden
Photo: Nicole Watson

I’m ready for my close-up

Here’s a dazzling photograph of flowers in the Barriefield Rock Gardens in Prince Edward Island. Photographer Nicole Watson took this shot using a macro lens, allowing her to capture every tiny detail. Way to go, Nicole!

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Clearwing moth hummingbird
Photo: Sharon Laurin

Love at first sight

Photographer Sharon Laurin of Ste. Anne, Manitoba captured this moment between a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth checking out a purple lupine in her flower garden.

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Bird sitting on tree branch at dawn
Photo: Will Chopyk

In silhouette

Red is said to be the most energetic and powerful of colours. After seeing photographer Will Chopyk’s shot of a bird sitting on a tree branch at dawn in Winnipeg, who can argue?

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Blooms in the park
Photo: Tanya Sisson

A half-remembered dream

Tanya Sisson’s shot of these flowers in Ste. Rose, Manitoba is absolutely stunning-the crisp clarity of the flowers and the hazy background gives it an incredible dream-like quality.

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