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Glass Half Full

Kenneth Glenn Hardman of Calgary, always looks at life as a glass half full and doesn't let his disability, polio,...

8 Camping Tech Toys and Apps

Nervous about unplugging for that camping weekend? Relax. In the great outdoors, a little technology goes a long way.

The Flip Side

Are you stuck in a house full of smelly boys, the opposite of this Dad's situation?

Caption Corner – May 2012

Got a catchy caption for this cute photo?

What Is It? – May 2012

Can you help Kathy Harness of Carman, Man., figure out what this object is?

Caption Corner – April/May 2012

Got a catchy caption for this photo?

What Is It? – April/May 2012

Can anyone help the Norris's figure out what this mystery item is used for?

What Is It? – March 2012

Darlene Hands of Creston, B.C., writes, “My father, Bill Williamson, is now more than 90 years old and still talks

Caption Corner – March 2012

Danelle Boychuk of Woking, Alta., shares this adorable photo of her son, Kolby-the referee-happy to drop the puck for his

Caption Corner – February/March 2012

Kayla Harper of London, Ont., writes, “While visiting the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, my brother’s friend, Luke McLean, was

What Is It? – February/March 2012

Jim McBride of Kingston writes,”I found this item in a box of tools that I purchased at an auction. When

A Collection of Collections

We've seen some pretty impressive and interesting collections over the past few years. Here are a few to enjoy all...

What Is It? – January 2012

Robert Buckles of Calgary writes, “This container measures 15 inches in length and is 21⁄8 inches wide. It’s zinc-plated, has

Caption Corner – January 2012

Got a catchy caption for this photo? Emmie Danielson of Wetaskiwin, Alta., shares this great action shot of her six-year-old

10 Must-See Sites in Vancouver and Victoria

Take a trip out west and explore the stunning arts, culture and natural attractions that Vancouver and Victoria have to...

Winter in Fort McMurray

Are you ready for winter? Dannette Scott of Fort McMurray, Alta., definitely is! She wrote the story "My Fort McMurray"...

What Is It? – December/January 2012

Ruth Clark of Berwick, N.S., writes, “My friend, Dale, purchased this glass container from a woman who told her it

Caption Corner December/January 2012

Bill Theessen of Prince George, B.C., shares this photo of a curious fox that appeared on his deck one evening.

Our Canada Photo Contest Winners 2011

The Our Canada community is full of talented photographers and they have wowed us once again! Thanks to all who...

Great Canadian Adventure Tour

Remember the team on their crazy 45-day cross-Canada adventure? They survived! and sent us some photos they took along...

Reader's Digest Canada Logo

Miniature Piano Collection

Did you catch this orchestra of characters in the November issue of More of Our Canada? Here are some more...

What Is It? – November 2011

Donald Proctor of Campbell River B.C., writes, “Made of cast iron, this looks like a press of some kind. It

Caption Corner November 2011

Sarah Wood of Battleford, Sask., shares this hilarious photo, saying, “On a recent trip to Jasper, we drove up to

Building a Future on Fogo Island

It took decades for Zita Cobb to make her way back to Fogo Island. Now she's helping to revitalize her...

Our Talented Facebook Fans

With so many great photos being posted on our Facebook page, we couldn't resist sharing a few with you...

What Is It? – October/November 2011

John Deman of Bath, Ont., sent along photos of this item that he picked up at an estate auction about

Caption Corner – October/November 2011

May 8, 1945: Revellers in Ottawa marked the end of World War II in Europe-better known as VE Day.