Top Romantic Spots for an Unforgettable Date Night in Edmonton

Whether you’re in a new relationship or celebrating decades of anniversaries, you and your sweetheart deserve to escape everyday life and make the trip to beautiful Edmonton.

Top Romantic Spots for an Unforgettable Date Night in Edmonton

You’ll find endless fun activities for couples in Edmonton, and with many hotels in this lively city, there are plenty of ways of stay close to the main attractions and keep the attention on making memories as a couple. Here are a few date ideas in Edmonton sure to be looked back on with a smile.

You have several options for diving into Edmonton’s history and culture. Hand in hand, you could hop on the High Level Bridge Streetcar, a refurbished trolley car built in the early 1900s that provides incredible river valley views from the century-old High Level Bridge. Other possibilities for culture-lovers are the free 12-block Gallery Walk or Art Gallery of Alberta, which features contemporary and historical art exhibitions. Take advantage of Late Night Wednesdays and tour this gallery with an art-themed drink in hand.

Edmonton has a fantastic, diverse restaurant scene. The Common, Corso 32, XIX Nineteen, and Three Boars are just a few unique restaurants that offer a romantic, inviting vibe that are sure to keep you craving more. Or, get hands-on and attend a cooking class at Get Cooking, which offers cooking varieties including local, simple, and masterclass (and many more). Another delicious alternative is to pick out local produce and baked goods at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market and have a picnic for two.

With an exterior as breathtaking as what is inside, the Muttart Conservatory houses themed gardens within four glass pyramid buildings, each expressing diverse world biomes and species: Tropical, Arid, Temperate, and Feature (curated by Muttart’s creative staff). Many unique plants live within these astounding architectural pyramids, including an Amorphophallus titanium, the tallest flowering plant in nature. The conservatory is ideal for strolling and admiring what nature has to offer.

Maybe you have a different idea of romance-perhaps a challenge will get the connection flowing. For a more serene experience, take a walk (or jog, for you athletic folks!) along the Louise McKinney Riverside Park walkway (pictured) and admire the water. If you’re ready to break a sweat and exercise your brain, try out an Edmonton escape room like Escape City or BreakOut. For 45 minutes, you’ll be locked in a room and presented with a scenario that requires many puzzles and stimulating tasks in order to escape.

Beginning mid-May each year, canoeing on the North Saskatchewan River becomes a very popular activity, with several trip options available from hour- to daylong variations. Imagine watching the sunset with your loved one after a day spent together-what a perfect way to experience Edmonton!