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Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: Peace

We asked you to share your original photography that best illustrates “peace,” and you rose to the challenge. These 10 shots in particular put us in a peaceful frame of mind. Enjoy!

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Wild Canada

Tanya Grealey snapped this gorgeous shot in early December. “I was out for a drive along a country road and this gal was laying peacefully under a tree,” she says. “I got out of my vehicle and started walking towards this beautiful doe. She just laid there and let me get extremely close. It was incredible!”

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Peace on the Prairies

“This photo was taken the day after a beautiful snowfall here, a few weeks ago in Southern Alberta,” writes Kim MacDonald Cameron. “I live close to this abandoned farmhouse, built in 1913, so I frequent this spot often. There was not a breeze to be felt that crisp morning-just a hazy fog, the sleeping shell of the house and silence in the air. The snow underfoot muffled my footsteps as I tried getting just the right shot. It was truly a serene and peaceful experience.”

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Lonesome Dove

Photographer @nhdtech framed his view of the spawling Edmonton skyline through the “Dove of Peace.”

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South River serenity

Nicole Beatty captured the banks of Ontario’s South River after a light dusting of snow.

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Birds of a Feather

Photographer @IsabellaPat shares two adorable reasons to invest in a backyard birdfeeder.

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Go with the Flow

Silver Creek in Hope, B.C., was the inspiration for photographer @wilde108.

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Misty Morning

This serene shot comes from @mikeinbc1, who captured daybreak in a foggy farmyard. Thanks for sharing!

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Southward Bound

If only we could flee the cold as effortlessly as these migrating Canada geese! Kim Lazaruk Goslin of Home Quarter Photography captured this magical shot near Takysie Lake, B.C. 

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Enchanted Forest

We’re so grateful that @isabellapat brought her camera when venturing out into the woods this winter. You can almost *hear* the silence!

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Spirit in the Sky

Photographer @kabraconnier spotted the dove of peace in this striking cloud formation. Absolutely breathtaking.

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