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Our Canada Theme Pic Challenge: Yellow

Nothing beats the winter blahs like a shot of bold, beautiful colour! Check out these rich, saturated yellows, as photographed by Our Canada readers.

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Hello, yellow!

This sprightly-coloured fellow almost manages to elude photographer @ash2276.

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Spring fling

Take heart-it won’t be too long before these beautiful tulips will grace our gardens once again! Thanks for sharing, @ajayrda2.

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Harvest home

John Deere green always stands out against fields of gold: photographer @jstolte captured this moment during the fall harvest.

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Sunflower power

Photographer @jstolte used depth of field to stunning effect in this sunflower detail shot. Nice job!

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Freshly hatched

These fuzzy little fellows were captured by @s_peters54. Thanks for sharing!

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Banana boat

Photographer @mikeinbc1 found inspiration at a classic car show.

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Photographer @njaarsma captured a hard-working honeybee in this glorious garden shot.

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Falling for yellow

Of all the seasons, autumn showcases yellow at its most spectacular. Gorgeous shot, @jstolte.

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Bright and beautiful

Our feathered friend here stands no chance of camouflage against a dreary winter backdrop. Lovely nature photography by @ateke_ir.

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