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10 Things to Do in Montreal This Summer

Come summer, Montreal exudes a "joie de vivre" unlike anywhere else in Canada. Soak up the sun and sights with...

Coming to Canada: What the Great White North Was Like 100 Years Ago

Immigration and resettlement is a key part of Canada’s history. “Canada is a good country,” proved to be true for...

An Inside Look at the Work of Kwagiulth Artist Carey Newman

For as long as he can remember, Indigenous artist Carey Newman found inspiration in wood, stone, glass and metal.

Remember Them: Hubert Landry

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

Remember Them: Helen Betsy Mitchinson

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

5 Best Canadian Long Weekend Getaways

Planning a long weekend getaway—without leaving the country? These Canadian summer destinations are surefire hits.

Remembering My Grandfather

Just who was John Thomas Laver? To Scarborough's Tom Laver, he was a strange, remote grandfather—and a figure who will...

Take a Peek at This Canadian’s Impressive Antique Collection!

Alan Hermitage's antique collection includes thousands of books, bottles and other Canadian items lost to history.

Remember Them: Jack Mitchinson

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

4 Things You Need to Know About Raptors, According to a Wildlife Rehabilitator

Raptors—also known as birds of prey—play an important role in our ecosystem. If you come across one or several while...

5 Jewish Restaurants in Montreal You Must Experience Before You Die

Move over, New York! If you want to experience the best Jewish cuisine in North America, look no further than...

Spring Has Sprung: 5 Stunning Photos of Canada in Full Bloom

These five photos submitted by Our Canada readers pay tribute to the April showers, brilliant rainbows and blooming flowers of...

Remember Them: Margaret Jobin, Canadian Women’s Army Corps

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

10 Striking Shots That Will (Almost) Make You Miss the Canadian Winter

Saying goodbye to winter is easy for some. For others? Not so much! We're paying tribute to a bone-chilling winter...

Meet the Woman Who’s Visited Every Province in Canada—Plus the Arctic and Antarctic

Seasoned traveller Miriam Roberts has visited every province and territory in Canada, capturing gorgeous images and a lifetime's worth of...

An Inside Look at the Work of First Nations Artist Richard Hunt

Part of the Kwakiutl First Nation, Richard Hunt's intricate and striking wood sculptures reclaim the traditions of the Kwakwaka‘wakw people.

Check Out This Canadian’s Amazing Magnet Collection!

Dating back to the 1950s, Maw’s magnets have come from the United States, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Japan, China and...

Remember Them: Alexander Kovar

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

An Inside Look at the Work of Sioux Artist Maxine Noel

From the internal creative process to the creation itself, art is an extension of healing and community-building for Maxine Noel.

This Is Why Canadians Drink Milk Out of Bags

Our unique way of packaging milk has officially left the rest of the world saying, ""

10 Canadian Delicacies That Americans Need to Know About

From BeaverTails and Screech to game meat and Saskatoon berries, here's a menu of drool-worthy Canadian foods ready to satisfy...

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 6 Shots of Canada on the Move

Hey Canada! We recently challenged you to capture iconic Canadian modes of transportation: the vehicles in which we travel across...

O Christmas Tree! Your Best Christmas Tree Photography

From traditional-looking trees that have been trimmed at home to over-the-top installations on the front yard, these festive photos had...

10 Ways the Olympics Changed Canada

Hosting the largest sports event in the world will change a city - and a nation. Here are some ways...

How One Couple Escaped from East Germany and Found Freedom in Canada

Ruth and Helmut Hotzwik fled East Germany in 1959—and lived to tell the tale.

Quintessentially Canadian: What I Learned from Dog Sledding in Northern Alberta

An attempt at dog sledding in snowy (and windy) Cold Lake, Alta. proved to be both terrifying and life-affirming for...

5 Photographs That Prove Canada is the Perfect Winter Destination

Canada's vast and diverse landscapes offer incredible vistas.

Remember Them: Kenneth William Munro

Part of an ongoing tribute to honour Canada's war veterans.

Communing with Nature: 9 Animals You Can Find in Prince Albert National Park

Photographing the incredible wildlife in Prince Albert National Park has given amateur photographer Duane Larson of Prince Albert, Sask., a...