O Christmas Tree! Your Best Christmas Tree Photography

From traditional-looking trees that have been trimmed at home to over-the-top installations on the front yard, these festive photos had us exclaiming, “O Christmas Tree”!

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Snowflakes in the shape of a Christmas tree
Photo: Joyce Stolte

O Christmas Tree!

The next best thing to an actual Christmas tree? Well, frost on the window in the shape of a Christmas tree, of course! Great eye, Joyce Stolte!

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Snowed covered tree outdoors in winter
Photo: Cathy Gauthier

Covered in Snow

Photographer Cathy Gauthier writes: “An unending supply of Christmas trees line Nipissing Road here in Magnetawan, Ontario. This photo was taken in February of 2017 with the temperature at -25C!” Thanks for sharing, Cathy!

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White-tailed deer
Photo: Norman Dyrvik

An Uninvited Guest

This white-tailed deer seems to be admiring the awesome Christmas set-up on the front yard. Thanks to Norman Dyrvik of Sherwood Park, Alberta for sharing!

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Child on Christmas morning
Photo: Mike Lane

Christmas Morning

Photographer Mike Lane of Saanichton, British Columbia really nailed the vibe of December’s Theme Pic Challenge. To a child, waking up to presents on Christmas morning is the happiest time of the year.

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Christmas decorations on front yard
Photo: Todd Bellamy

The Holiday Spirit

As proven by this photo from Todd Bellamy of Terrace, British Columbia, sometimes less is more when it comes to Christmas!

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