10 Striking Shots That Will (Almost) Make You Miss the Canadian Winter

Saying goodbye to winter is easy for some. For others? Not so much! We’re paying tribute to a bone-chilling winter with these striking snaps from talented Canadian shutterbugs.

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Frozen tree in winter
Photo: Dale Matthies


“This tree is probably the most photographed tree in our area,” writes Dale Matthies.

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Winter photography
Photo: Shelagh Quinn

Through the Trees

Heavy frost in the early morning didn’t stop Shelagh Quinn from snapping this beauty!

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Canada geese on a frozen pond
Photo: Shelley Jacques

On Frozen Pond

Photographer Shelley Jacques of Finch, Ont. submitted this shot of Canada geese.

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Burns Lake, British Columbia in wintertime
Photo: Diane Killman

The Sun Also Rises

Photographer Diane Killman captured this stark contrast in colour at Burns Lake, B.C.

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Northern lights
Photo: Barb Hart

Northern Lights

Have you ever wondered how bright the Aurora Borealis really is? Well, satellites can take pictures of them from the Earth’s orbit! If you need more convincing, take a look at this shot by Barb Hart of Enterprise, Northwest Territories.

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Frosty tree in winter
Photo: Nicole Watson

Still Standing

Nicole Watson of Kingston, Ont. writes: “This tree caught my eye while out for a morning drive yesterday. There was low lying fog and the sun was just peeking out enough to start kissing the frost-covered branches.”

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Burlington Bay
Photo: Linda Swance

Freezing Rain

The frozen docks of Burlington Bay, Ont. inspired photographer Linda Swance.

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Lundbreck Falls
Photo: George Vanderberg

Stuck in Time

Winter can be inconvenient, but it can also be gorgeous, as evidenced by this shot. Photographer George Vanderberg snapped this at the Lundbreck Falls in Alberta.

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Fraser River
Photo: Dianne Reid

A Splash of Colour

The houses along the Fraser River in New Westminster, B.C. are already pretty, but as photographer Dianne Reid proves, the snow makes them even more so.

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Lone fisherman in Sherbrooke, Quebec
Photo: Russ Hayes

Lone Fisherman

Too cold to go fishing? Tell that to the subject of this wonderful shot by Russ Hayes.

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