5 Photographs That Prove Canada is the Perfect Winter Destination

Canada’s vast and diverse landscapes offer incredible vistas.

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Fjord on Ellesmere Island near Eureka, Nunavut
Photo: Dan Weaver

Drinking in the View

Dan Weaver of Toronto writes, ”I snapped this pic of my colleague, Dr. Sophie Tran, while we were in the Arctic doing fieldwork at the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Laboratory (PEARL). Sophie was taking a moment to admire the view of a fog-filled fjord on Ellesmere Island near Eureka, Nunavut.”

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Kawkawa Lake in Hope, British Columbia
Photo: Lisa VanAndel

A Quintessentially Canadian Experience

Lisa VanAndel of Surrey, B.C., writes, “Kawkawa Lake in Hope, B.C., hadn’t frozen over in approximately 20 years. Every year we’d wonder if this might be the year. Then in January 2017 it happened! We put the word out to our son’s hockey friends and their families, and had a day to remember. The ice was perfect—pristine, smooth and clear. We could skate the entire lake. The sun had set by the time we managed to haul everyone off the ice.”

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Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
Photo: Patti-Kay Hamilton

Sparkling Ice

Patti-Kay Hamilton of Fort Smith, N.T., writes, “Cassette Rapids on the mighty Slave River on the border between Alberta and the Northwest Territories doesn’t freeze even at the coldest time of the year, due to the power of the water cascading over its rocky channels. Mist from the water coats the white spruce forest and, when the sun shines, it looks like crystal in the canopy of the tall trees.”

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Husky dogsled team
Photo: Sally Roberts


Sally Roberts of Harrington Harbour, Que., writes, ”This husky dogsled team travelled along the coast of the Lower North Shore of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River, visiting various villages along the way. I captured this image of them in front of a seniors’ residence in Harrington Harbour. From their windows, the residents watched the dogs come up the hill and then depart, running across the ice. For many, this was the only means of winter transport in their younger days and they were happy to see these beautiful animals.”

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Canadian winter in Eastern Townships in Quebec
Photo: Russ Hayes

Solitary Beauty

Last February, Russ Hayes of Sherbrooke took this lovely shot of a beautiful winter landscape in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, near Waterville.

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