Planes, Trains and Automobiles: 6 Shots of Canada on the Move

Hey Canada! We recently challenged you to capture iconic Canadian modes of transportation: the vehicles in which we travel across this beautiful country of ours. From planes and trains to automobiles, here are our six favourites photos.

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Banff tour bus
Photo: Fred Allin

1. Brewster Ice Explorer

Photographer Fred Allin found inspiration in the Brewster Ice Explorer, a fifteen-metre-long colossus designed for transportation on the Athabasca Glacier.

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Padwheeler ship
Photo: Dianne Reid

2. Vancouver Paddlewheeler

What better way to tour British Columbia‘s Fraser River than by taking a paddlewheeler? Thanks to photographer Dianne Reid for sharing!

British Columbia’s remote Calvert Island is a jewel in the nation’s crown.

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Freight train
Photo: Russ Hayes

3. Orford Express

You can’t help but wonder how thrilling it must be to be a conductor. Russ Hayes snapped this shot of the touring train in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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Ski-doo on Rice Lake
Photo: Norma Keith

4. Ski-Doo

January’s “Transportation” Theme Pic Challenge inspired photographer Norma Keith to send in these high-powered snowmobiles in Rice Lake, Ontario.

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B25 airplane
Photo: Rob Ballantyne

5. North American B-25 Mitchell

Photographer Rob Ballantyne found inspiration in this vintage bomber, located in Calgary, Alberta.

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Dog sled tour
Photo: George Vanderberg

6. Dog Sledding

Nothing screams “Canadian transportation” louder than dog sledding! Photographer George Vanderberg snapped this shot in Spray Lakes near Canmore, Alberta. Thanks for sharing, George.

Dog sledding in Cold Lake, Alberta proved to be a harrowing experience for this youngster!

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