Spring Has Sprung: 5 Stunning Photos of Canada in Full Bloom

These five photos submitted by Our Canada readers pay tribute to the April showers, brilliant rainbows and blooming flowers of spring in Canada.

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Rainbow in Alberta
Photo: Alicia Strelkov

A Glorious Sight

Alicia Strelkov of Olds, Alta., writes,”I snapped this photo of a farmer at work just after a storm near the town of Bowden, Alta. The combination of the rainbow over the field while the farmer toiled away made for a great picture!”

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Cherry blossom trees in Spencer Smith Park
Photo: Linda Swance

Follow the Cherry Brick Road!

“For many years, I’d tried to photograph the beautiful cherry blossoms here in Spencer Smith Park,” says Linda Swance of Burlington, Ont. “Well, timing is everything! Last spring, I was fortunate enough to capture the lovely blossoms in full bloom! These donated cherry trees are symbolic of the close friendship between Burlington and our sister city of Itabashi, Japan.”

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Coast of Vancouver Island
Photo: Kathy Neuhauser

West Coast Magic

Kathy Neuhauser of Royston, B.C., says, “Early spring is a magical time along the east coast of Vancouver Island. The Strait of Georgia comes alive with fleets of gillnet boats out to catch herring. The boats themselves are picturesque and the cobalt-blue ocean water has an amazing turquoise sheen from the milt released by the male herring. This pic was snapped in the waters off Union Bay, located in the southern part of the Comox Valley. A flock of cormorants had settled on the old pilings close to shore, while flocks of seagulls hovered over the boats. When a rainbow suddenly arched over the scene, I stood and marvelled once again at the shimmering beauty I was seeing in my part of our Canada.”

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Spring in Canada
Photo: Laura Lampkin

Muskoka Morning

Laura Lampkin of London, Ont., shares this lovely image, writing: “My husband Brian, our daughter Alyssa and I were hiking in Hardy Lake Provincial Park just east of Torrance, Ont., when Brian captured this shot.”

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Tiny moss near tree stump
Photo: Isabelle Marozzo

Spring Has Sprung

“I take my puppies for a daily walk through the forest,” shares Isabelle Marozzo of Norland, Ont. “While looking for something to photograph to celebrate the arrival of spring, I came across this tiny moss, peaking on a tree stump. It was covered with dew as it had been cold earlier, but the sun warmed up the morning and created this beauty. I had to get very low, almost hugging the stump, to capture this macro shot.”

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