20 Cool Jack-o’-Lanterns From Across Canada

Nothing screams Halloween more than jack-o'-lanterns! We challenged Canadians from coast to coast to capture their best pumpkin carving skills and the most creative designs around. Look no further than this gallery of jack-o'-lantern photography to get you into the spirit of the holiday.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Amy Martin
Photo: Amy Martin

Safety first

Halloween during a pandemic isn’t complete without ensuring that all are masked up for some trick-or-treating fun—even the jack-o’-lantern! Thanks to Amy Martin of Borden, Ont. for sharing this snap.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Alan Zheng
Photo: Alan Zheng

Halloween in the air

Black and orange decorations are a must-have for the month of October. Alan Cheng of Scarborough, Ont. captured these spooky paper lanterns over an apartment balcony. We love this fun take on the theme pic challenge!

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Brenda Newman
Photo: Brenda Newman

Glowing grin

The menacing grin on this jack-o’-lantern is enough to give a good fright to an unsuspecting trick-or-treater. “It was carved by one of my children,” writes Brenda Newman of Manitowaning, Ont. Those are some serious skills!

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Deb Sandau
Photo: Deb Sandau

Mask on

Behind those glowing eyes is an important message. “Even pumpkins need to be safe. Enjoy your night and be safe everyone!” writes Deb Sandau of Red Deer, Alta. Thanks for the reminder, Deb!

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - David Wilkinson
Photo: David Wilkinson

A very scary pair

The light-up wings take this pair of jack-o’-lantern bats to the next level! David Wilkinson of Ottawa made these fabulous pieces with the help of his grandson. “We call them Tucker and Grampy,” he writes.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Dan Wever
Photo: Dan Wever

A gruesome guest

Dan Wever of Grand Prairie, Alta. snapped a photo of this terrifically frightful “pumpkin head” at a neighbour’s house from a few Halloweens ago. You definitely don’t want to bump into this gruesome guest in the dark!

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Edith Beerda
Photo: Edith Beerda

Toothy and terrifying

Check out the teeth—and fangs!—on this cheerful jack-o’-lantern submitted by Edith Beerda of Abbotsford, B.C.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Fred Allin
Photo: Fred Allin

Express yourself

“These pumpkins are too pretty to carve into jack-o’-lanterns,” writes Fred Allin Etobicoke, Ont. The colourful painted expressions are a whimsical alternative to the standard carved face.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Glen Woolner
Photo: Glen Woolner

Three’s a crowd

Glen Woolner of Kitchener, Ont. shared this photo of jack-o’-lanterns on the porch, ready to welcome all on Halloween! Can you name all of the different designs?

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Robbie Gorr
Photo: Robbie Gorr

Garden surprise

Robbie Gorr of Petawawa, Ont. sent in this adorable snap of a toothy smiling jack-o’-lantern among the last of the summer petunias.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Jane Cooke
Photo: Jane Cooke

A skeleton’s touch

It looks like Halloween is in full swing at this house! Jane Cooke of Chapleau, Ont. brought out the holiday’s quintessential decorations for this spooky portrait.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Karen Allin
Photo: Karen Allin


This un-BOO-lievably haunting jack-o’-lantern at Downey’s Farm caught the eye of Karen Allin from Mississauga, Ont.

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Cool Jack O Lanterns - Frank Koenig
Photo: Frank Koenig

A spooktacular display

Frank Koenig of Morinville, Alta. captured his granddaughters’ pumpkin carvings. “Apparently it took a couple of hours,” he writes. Judging by the intricate details on those faces, the time spent was worth it!

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Lana Pickering
Photo: Lana Pickering

Making faces

The scared and creepy expressions on these jack-o’-lanterns captured together by Lana Pickering of Hamilton, Ont. create a spine-tingling contrast.

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Marianne Detmar
Photo: Marianne Detmar

Painted pumpkin family

Have you ever seen such a happy family of jack-o’-lanterns? Thanks to Marianne Detmar of Brantford, Ont. for sending in this charming photo.

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Maryalice Wood
Photo: Maryalice Wood

BOO-tiful sight

“A BOO from me to YOU!” writes Maryalice Wood of Langley, B.C. who shared this wonderful jack-o’-lantern quartet.

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Pamela Beale
Photo: Pamela Beale

Dragon fire

At Pumpkinferno in Discovery Harbour, Pamela Beale of Penetanguishene Ont. snapped this gorgeous photo of a glowing dragon. Guess how many pumpkins it’s made of!

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Paula Brown
Photo: Paula Brown

Pumpkin city

Paula Brown of Ottawa also stopped by Pumpkinferno and captured this massive display of unique jack-o’-lanterns. See how many different characters and expressions you can spot!

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Roger Lafontaine
Photo: Roger Lafontaine

Christmas in October

“Several beautiful decorated Jack-o’-lanterns make up this scene in the village,” writes Roger Lafontaine of Cornwall, Ont. “It looks like a Halloween Christmas tree.” It must have been a magical sight to witness!

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Sue Thompson
Photo: Sue Thompson

All smiles

These grinning jack-o’-lanterns are sure to put a big smile on the faces of any trick-or-treaters. Thanks to Sue Thompson of Chatham, Ont. for this cheerful photo!

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