Whether you’re a loving pet parent, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about your favourite creatures, and, yes, cute pictures.

10 Pop Culture Pups

People love pets, and with a multi-million dollar industry to prove that fact, Hollywood has led the pack in audience...

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Ask the Expert: Bladder Stones Common with Certain Breeds

Your Pet Question: My Shih-Tzu has bladder stones. Is that common with this breed? And what is best way to

4 Things You Should Know About Your Vet

They're your pet's healthcare provider, but how much do you really know about their treatment practices? Here are four interesting...

How to Choose Dog Training Classes

Until the mid 1990s, dog training was by and large the domain of pet owners. Since then, signing the family...

Top 10 Animals that Attack Pets

Your pet is more vulnerable than you may realize to a deadly attack by a wild animal. Here are 10...

Pets Photo Gallery: 8 Pets with Their Toys

Check out reader-submitted pics of pets playing with their favourite toys

10 Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations

Searching for a great getaway spot, but worried about leaving Spot behind? Why not bring your dog with you on...

6 Animals Behaving Badly

Check out six videos of animals misbehaving caught on tape.

12 Pet Safety Tips

As pet owners, we want to make sure our furry friends are safe from harm. Here are 12 things to...

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Ask the Expert: Don’t Medicate Cat without Vet’s Approval

Your Pet Question: Is it safe to give our cat glucosamine, and if so how much?Fay Murphy, Nova Scotia The

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Ask the Expert: Dog Lunges at Strangers

Your Pet Question: How do we stop our mixed breed (large) dog from barking and lunging at strangers when he’s

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Ask the Expert: Demystifying Cat Sleep Patterns

Your Pet Question: How many hours should an older cat (12-years-old) sleep?Debbie Quadra, British Columbia The Expert Says: Sleep is

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Ask the Expert: Growling Dog Might Need Medical Care

Your Pet Question: My 14 lb. dog growls a lot. For example, if I approach him in the morning while

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Ask the Expert: Hyper Dogs Hard to Walk

Your Pet Question: How do I train my two small hyper dogs to walk calmly on the leash? Holly The

Pets Bonding with Babies

Check out five videos of cats and dogs having fun with some pint-sized playmates.

Ask the Expert: Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt?

Your Pet Question: My 8-year-old old husky setter-cross dog eats dirt. She gets dry and canned dog food, some eggs

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Ask the Expert: Get Itchy-eared Cat Checked!

Your Pet Question: My cat is always trying to scratch in her ears and shakes her head violently all the

5 Sporty Animals

Check out five videos of animals showing off their athletic skills.

The 5 Worst Dog Training Mistakes

Does your dog speak your language or do you speak his? Thinking like a dog will help overcome these five...

5 Water-Loving Dogs

Check out five videos of pooches that love participating in water sports.

5 Feisty and Fearless Animals

Check out five videos of animals that seem to have no fear.

How to Get Your Pet Used to a Newborn

You're expecting a new person in your home very soon--your newborn baby! Have you prepared Fido for the new addition?...

3 Amazing Pet Hero Tales

Meet three families whose pets literally saved lives, including heroic horses and other pet hero stories.

6 Questions to Ask Before Owning a Pet Bird

If you're thinking of bringing a pet bird into your home, be sure to consider these questions first.

How to Find a Good Vet

Animal medicine in Canada is performed by some 6,600 veterinarians, professionals who must pass stringent university entrance requirements and complete...

Weirdest Cat Breeds

Cats are some of the most exotic and beautiful-looking creatures in the world. But some breeds are truly bizarre. These...

Gift Guide: 8 Gifts for Pets

Whether you're a pet lover, or shopping for one, here are eight gifts made especially for the furry four-legged member...

Pets Brought to Justice

No one is above the law... not even your cat, Mr. Mittens. Animals have been tried in a court of...

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Pets Photo Gallery: Cute Kittens

Our fine feline friends get into situations that beg to be caught on film. Here are some of the cutest...