Pets Photo Gallery: 8 Pets with Their Toys

Check out reader-submitted pics of pets playing with their favourite toys

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Rosie loves playing with beach ball in our apartment. Just have to sign up for a ball game!

Submitted by: Luisa, Orangeville, ON

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Boy, do I love dirty smelly socks!

Submitted by: Ruby, NF

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This is Dayna a purebred German shepherd who loves her baby Pinky.

Submitted by: Rita, Pine Falls, MB

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This is Joey and his favorite buddy, Simba. He goes nowhere without his buddy. He loves him very much and is just too cute.

Submitted by: Willem, Powell River, BC

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Taz with her favourite ball.

Submitted by: Leslie

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This is our kitten Gigue, she found a bed just her size in my daughters toys, the dolls bunk bed, bottom bunk.

Submitted by: Robin

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This is Scooter my CockerPoo, he is now 13 years old and the mangled teddy bear is Fifi, his best friend, who is 12 years old. We love him.

Submitted by: Cecile

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My name is Sam and I’m a Border Collie. I am looking for someone to play with me.

Submitted by: Joyce, Sifton, MB

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