Pets Photo Gallery: Cute Kittens

Our fine feline friends get into situations that beg to be caught on film. Here are some of the cutest kitty photos from our Pets Photo Gallery. Share some of your pet photos, too!

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My friend and companion Bella. She is such a joy.

Submitted by: Barbara, Espanola, ON

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Our kitten’s name is Fluffy. He is so rambunctious and loves to harass my other cats. He is so much fun. At Christmas time, he loved to climb the Christmas tree.

Submitted by: Liz

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Jasper, 12 years old, with our new addition Smokey. Smokey eventually got close to Jasper.

Submitted by: Katherine, Thunder Bay, ON

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This is our kitten, Gigue. She found a bed just her size in my daughters’ toys: the dolls’ bunk bed, bottom bunk.


Submitted by: Robin

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Baby kittens (Mia and Toulouse) in flowerpots.


Submitted by: Michael, Whitby, ON

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Let’s play hide and seek!! – Belle

Submitted by: J., Guelph, ON

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Hi, my name is Bob and I love any kind of box that I can sit and chill in.

Submitted by: Rhiannon, Brantford, ON

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This is Sage, waking up from a nap!

Submitted by: Anne

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Ben just being his handsome self and stopping to smell the roses.

Submitted by: Tanya, Calgary, AB

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Our cat, Erwin, inside a Bay bag.
Submitted by: Lorraine, Coldstream, BC

Jazzie at 2yrs licking vegetable juice from her paw (from my cup).


Submitted by: Shirley, Toronto, ON

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