6 Animals Behaving Badly

Check out six videos of animals misbehaving caught on tape.

6 Animals Behaving Badly
When we’re not looking, some animals seem to be up to no good. Check out these six videos of animals that seem to enjoy making trouble.

Busted Boston Terrier

It looks like Boston Terrier Scooter can’t be left at home alone!

Elephant Kicks Baby Elephant

This elephant has some serious anger issues.

Naughty Cat

This kitty seems to be getting a kick out of taunting a dog that’s minding its own business.

Drunk Monkeys

Check out what happens to these monkeys when they’re under the influence of alcohol.

A Parrot’s Impossible Mission

See what this bird gets up to when his owner goes out.

Cat Wrecks Orange Tape

Here’s a kitty that doesn’t seem to think too much of trespassing.