5 Feisty and Fearless Animals

Check out five videos of animals that seem to have no fear.

5 Feisty and Fearless Animals
Think that size matters? Not to these animals. Here are videos of animals showing off their bravery while going up against some interesting challengers.

Fox Terrier Rounds up the Cattle

A herd of cows is no match for this feisty pooch.

Honey Badger – The Most Fearless Animal on Earth

Check out this video to see why this weasel-like species has been deemed the most fearless animal on earth by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Fearless Cat Chases and Attacks Bear

Who needs a guard dog when you’ve got this brave cat?

Fearless Rabbit

This courageous bunny shows no fear as he slides down a tube without any hesitation.

Fearless Cat

This cat doesn’t seem to bat an eyelash as a barking dog tries to scare her off.