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5 Family Activities

Finding time to spend with the family and time to exercise after a long workday can be difficult. Why not combine these two essential parts of your life by staying active while spending time with your children? Here are five easy ways to hit two satisfy both needs and have a great time.

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1. Have a Family Game Night

Organize a night of three-legged races, wheelbarrow races and so on and challenge another family from your street for a friendly competition. This kinds of activities are fun, social and ultimately, good for your heart.

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2. Walk the Children to and From School

By walking with them, you not only get peace of mind that they’re safe, but you also get to hear about their upcoming day on the way there, and how their day went on the way home. Plus, you’ll be keeping your body fit at the same time.

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3. Play Frisbee as a Family

Simple activities like throwing a ball or playing Frisbee seem more like relaxation than structured exercise, but you’ll get your heart rate up every time you have to run or leap. You’ll also be able to improve your hand-eye coordination and to top it all off, you’ll be spending quality time with the people who matter most to you.

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4. Let Babies Crawl

Small children are very active, especially at the crawling stage. Instead of finding a stationary activity for your child, encourage more activity by allowing them to run or crawl around the floor on their own. For toddlers and crawlers, find a safe space on the floor where you can plop them down and let them move. Suggest that older children play in the sandpit outside instead. To keep yourself involved, run around with them from time to time.

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5. Waltz With Your Baby

If your baby is crying for attention, don’t just stick a dummy in his or her mouth or go for a drive. Instead take your baby in your arms and waltz around the room. The more exaggerated and smooth your movements, the better. The waltzing will give your baby new sights to focus on, soothing the crying. You’ll burn extra calories and tone your arm muscles.