Corn on the Cob with Lemon-Pepper Butter

“Roasting fresh-picked corn is as old as the Ozark hills where I was raised. My Grandpa Mitchell always salted and peppered his butter on the edge of his plate before spreading it on his corn, and I did the same as a kid. Today, I continue the tradition by serving lemon-pepper butter with roasted corn—it’s a favourite!” —Allene Bary-Cooper, Wichita Falls, Texas

Corn with butterTaste of Home
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
8serving 10minutes + soaking 25minutes
Servings Prep Time
8serving 10minutes + soaking
Cook Time
Portions: serving
Portions: serving
  1. Carefully peel back corn husks to within 1 in. of bottoms; remove silk. Rewrap corn in husks; secure with kitchen string. Place in a stockpot; cover with cold water. Soak 20 minutes; drain.
  2. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix butter and lemon pepper. Grill corn, covered, over medium heat 20-25 minutes or until tender, turning often.
  3. Cut string and peel back husks. Serve corn with butter mixture.
Recipe Notes

Nutrition Facts

1 ear of corn with 2 tablespoons butter: 280 calories, 24g fat (15g saturated fat), 60mg cholesterol, 520mg sodium, 17g carbohydrate (3g sugars, 3g fibre), 3g protein.