Buffalo Chicken Sliders

“I got the idea for these Buffalo chicken sliders from my mom and dad, who’d made a similar version for a family get-together. It’s a versatile recipe, and I sometimes use several different styles of Buffalo sauce and let guests mix and match their favourites.” —Christina Addison, Blanchester, Ohio

Buffalo Chicken SlidersPhoto: Taste of Home
Servings Prep Time Cook Time
6servings 20minutes 3hours
Servings Prep Time
6servings 20minutes
Cook Time
Portions: servings
Portions: servings
  1. Place chicken in a 3-qt. slow cooker. Toss with 2 tablespoons hot sauce and pepper; cook, covered, on low 3-4 hours or until tender.
  2. Remove chicken; discard cooking juices. In a small saucepan, combine butter, honey and remaining hot sauce; cook and stir over medium heat until blended. Shred chicken with 2 forks; stir into sauce and heat through. Serve on rolls with desired optional ingredients.
Recipe Notes

Nutrition Facts

2 sliders: 396 calories, 15g fat (8g saturated fat), 92mg cholesterol, 873mg sodium, 44g carbohydrate (24g sugars, 2g fibre), 24g protein.