10 Unforgettable Movies About Moms

Numerous movies over the years have celebrated motherhood as a central theme. There've been good mothers, bad mothers, and everything in between. Celebrate this Mother's Day with one of these fun films about moms.

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Movies About Moms - Divine Secrets Of The Yaya SisterhoodAmazon

Must-Watch Movies About Moms

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Based on the novel by Rebecca Wells, Divine Secrets is the story of a mother’s wild childhood adventures as revealed to her grown daughter. Starring Sandra Bullock, Ellen Burstyn and Ashley Judd, it’s one of those movies about moms you can watch and enjoy with your own mom this Mother’s Day.

Erin Brockovich DVDAmazon

Erin Brockovich

A single mother gets a job as a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a power company accused of polluting a city’s water supply. The 2000 film snagged Julia Roberts an Oscar for her performance in the title role.

Movies About Moms - Stepmom starring Susan SarandonAmazon


Stepmom is the story of a mother, her children, her ex’s new girlfriend, and how the two women come together for the sake of those kids when Mom falls ill. Starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon, this movie about moms is best watched with a box of tissues nearby.

Joy Luck ClubAmazon

The Joy Luck Club

In this 1993 film, four Asian mothers and daughters explore their pasts in order to understand their strained mother-daughter relationships.

Steel MagnoliasAmazon

Steel Magnolias

Looking for movies about moms to watch on Netflix? You can’t go wrong with Steel Magnolias, which follows a group of Louisiana women who bond at Truvy’s beauty parlor as they search for happiness in life. The all-star cast includes Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine, Dolly Parton, Olympia Dukakis, Daryl Hannah and—you guessed it—Julia Roberts.

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Diane Keaton - Baby BoomAmazon

Baby Boom

This 1987 film is both funny and sentimental. The story of a career woman with no time for children who becomes a reluctant mother, Baby Boom showcases Diane Keaton at her very best.

Terms Of Endearment on BlurayAmazon

Terms of Endearment

In this Best Picture winner, the mother-daughter relationship is sometimes loving, sometimes difficult. Sound familiar? Terms of Endearment may be 40 years old, but it remains as relevant—and relatable—as ever.

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Mr Mom MovieAmazon

Mr. Mom

Before he became Batman, Michael Keaton was Mr. Mom. In this 1983 comedy-drama, Keaton and Terri Garr play a husband and wife who trade roles when he loses his job. The new stay-at-home dad gains a new appreciation for motherhood while raising their children.

Mommie Dearest MovieAmazon

Mommie Dearest

Critically panned on its release in 1981, Mommie Dearest has gone on to become a cult classic—and a shocking depiction of family dysfunction. Starring Faye Dunaway as Hollywood legend Joan Crawford, the infamous movie chronicles the abuse endured by her daughter, Christina, and her son, Christopher.

Freaky Friday MovieAmazon

Freaky Friday

A mother and her teenage daughter “switch” bodies, and have to live each other’s lives one strange day. Freaky Friday gives new meaning to “walking a mile” in another’s shoes! The 1976 original stars Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster, but you can also opt for the 2003 remake with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan.

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