9 Tips to Fix a Troubled Lawn


If you want the lush, beautiful lawn of your dreams, it’s crucial to catch lawn problems early and to address them properly. Here’s how to fix a troubled lawn in nine easy steps.

How to Build Fertile Soil


Soils in coastal gardens are usually porous and low in nutrients and it may take a few years to achieve a fertile soil.

How to Manage Weeds in the Garden


Take advantage of modern research in weed biology to manage unwanted weeds without back breaking labour or environmentally unfriendly herbicides.

Bee Balm in the Landscape


If you have a damp spot in the yard, fill it with bee balm. Then, in early summer, feast your eyes on the amazing display of flowers produced by the showiest member of the mint family.

Learn About Growing Sweet Peas


The most popular variety of sweet pea, Lathyrus odoratus, lives up well to its name. Odoratus is Latin for ‘well-scented’, and these flowers have been prized by gardeners for their delicious fragrance for centuries.