Growing season is short in Canada, so make the most of it with these expert gardening tips. Find problem-solving flowers for every type of growing condition, house plant hacks, and more pro tips to keep your green thumb supple.

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Inspired Indoor Gardening Ideas to Get You Through a Long Winter

The end of summer doesn't necessarily mean the end of gardening season! Keep your green thumb supple with these indoor gardening techniques from expert Carson Arthur.

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10 Fall Yard Maintenance Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Take a few minutes to read these fall yard maintenance tips, and you could save yourself hours of work outdoors.

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30 Yard Tool Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Save your back! These simple and smart updates to everyday yard tools will make your outdoor chores a heck of...

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How to Get Rid of Crabgrass: A Step-by-Step Guide

Need to defend your turf from crabgrass? Follow these tips and learn how to kill crabgrass and be one step...

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mow Your Lawn Every Week

You may want to consider mowing less after knowing what we know.

Should You Rake Leaves or Just Leave Them?

Is raking up your leaves and taking them to the dump really the best course of action?

Sunflower Photography to Brighten Your Day

A gorgeous gallery celebrating bright, beautiful and blooming sunflowers.

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9 Signs Your Tree Is Dying

Certified arborists reveal the sure signs a tree is in distress—along with tips on how to save it.

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30+ Cheapskate Handy Hints for the Outdoors

Save those milk jugs, soda cans and pool noodles you thought were useless—and give them a new life outdoors with...

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12 Easiest Foods to Grow at Home During the Pandemic

Whether you've got a backyard plot or containers on your patio, porch, or apartment balcony, growing your own fresh vegetables...

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11 Vegetables You Can Regrow with Kitchen Scraps

All it takes to regrow veggie scraps into new produce is water, soil and a bit of patience.

How to Grow a Hanging Herb Garden in a Shoe Organizer

This hanging herb garden is a simple and adorable way to get your hands in the dirt this summer!

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The 18 Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA

The best plants are the ones that do double duty—and all of these purify your air of toxic chemicals. Even...

10 Vegetables You Should Start Indoors

There may still be snow on the ground, but that doesn't mean you can't start preparing for your vegetable garden!

12 Ways to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Fall

Make your life easier in the fall by being proactive! Check out these tips for getting your lawn and garden...

11 Things to Do in August to Get Your Garden Ready for Fall

Even in the coldest hardiness zones, August isn't yet the time to start putting your gardens to rest for the...

7 Gardening Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Perennial Plants

Your flower beds aren't living up to that gardening magazine ideal? You may be making one of these common perennial...

11 Things to Never Keep in Your Backyard

Theft, damage and accidents are all too common when you leave these items in your backyard.

13 Vegetables That Take the Least Amount of Time to Grow

Master Gardeners reveal the fastest growing veggies—plus a few foods you can grow without seeds!

How to Amend Soil for a Nutrient-Rich Garden

Here's how to amend your soil's texture, pH and nutrients to maximize garden growth.

40+ Colourful Plants to Brighten Up Your Landscape

Want to add more colour to your landscape this season? Start by incorporating one or more of these stunning landscaping...

12 Shed Storage Ideas to Organize Your Space At Last

Don't let your shed become disorganized or overrun with junk! Instead, turn it into a well-lit, useful space that has...

Fall Backyard Birding Checklist: 13 Tips to Attract More Birds to Your Yard This Autumn

Every season brings tasks that backyard birders can do to encourage more birds to visit. Read on for easy projects...

24 Clever Repurposed Garden Containers

Each of these creative garden containers once had a completely different purpose.

8 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Bluebirds

Get to know this trio of close-knit, grub-loving fliers.

10 Inexpensive Plants That Will Make Your Garden Pop

You get a lot of bang for the buck with these inexpensive plants. A small investment can pay big rewards...

10 Bee Friendly Plants Worth Adding to Your Yard

Want to give nature's most important pollinators a helping hand? Add these bee friendly plants to your yard, garden or...

Carson Arthur’s Top 10 Herbs For All Growing Conditions

In his new book, Vegetables, Chickens & Bees, Canadian gardening and outdoor design expert Carson Arthur reveals his go-to herbs...