If You’re Not Adding Pool Noodles to Your Planter Pots, This Will Convince You to Start

This simple hack will change your approach to container gardening.

TikTok hack for planter drainageVIA @PENNYJO8/TIKTOK

Summer is here, and that means it’s container gardening season! While growing your favourite annuals in pots can make your yard look gorgeous and colourful, it can also be an expensive process—and some of that involves the cost of soil.

Believe it or not, a simple household item—the humble pool noodle—can cut down the cost of soil as well as improve drainage in your container plantings.

Why you should add pool noodles to your planter pots

@pennyjo8 I do this Dollar Tree pool noodle planter hack every year in all of my big planters. Potting soil isnt cheap yall lol This allows for drainage and use of half the amount of soul you normally would use. #planterhacks #planterhack #gardenhack #hacks #plantsoftiktok #flowers #gardening #diy ♬ THEY ARE GONNA KNOW – Heliqs

As seen in this TikTok by creator @pennyjo8, begin by cutting pool noodles to approximately 3/4 of the height of your plant container. Then, stand the pool noodles vertically in the bottom of the planter until it’s filled, and scatter the soil mix over them. Instead of trying to clump the soil, allow it to fill in and around the noodles before evening it out with your hands. A gentle tap can also help to level the soil.

@pennyjo8 then shows us a shot of the planter with flowers in it—and as you can see, there’s no hint of the buried pool noodles. (Adding trailing plants like ivy or vinca vines to spill over the side can also help cover up the pool noodles if you’re worried about shifting soil.)

How does this help?

Pool noodles help with container gardening in a couple of ways. A pot that is overly dense with soil can lead to one of the biggest concerns for planter pots: poor drainage. The pool noodles keep water flowing through the soil, reducing the risk of root rot. What’s more, the fact that the bulk of the pot is filled with pool noodles (rather than potting soil) delivers a number of benefits. Not only will you save a bundle on soil at the garden centre, you’ll also find it’s much easier to move the pot around your porch, patio or balcony than if it was completely filled with water-logged potting mix.

Using this helpful gardening tip at the beginning of the season will help keep your plants thriving all summer long.

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