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  • 9 Tips to Fix a Troubled Lawn>>

    Catching lawn problems early and fixing them is important part of having a beautiful, lush lawn. Here’s how to fix a troubled lawn:>>

  • 4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Garden>>

    Teach your children to grow their own food and flowers.>>

  • 4 Ways To Attract Birds To Your Garden>>

    Want to attract the avian set? 
Start thinking like them.>>

  • How To Design Your Perfect Garden>>

    Dreaming of a picture perfect garden? Follow these six simple steps to make it a reality.>>

  • 19 Basic Gardening Tips To Save Time and Money>>

    There's no getting around it—cultivating a beautiful landscape is a lot of work. But you can labour more efficiently by following these basic Canadian gardening tips. >>

  • 10 Urban Gardening Tips>>

    Tiny yard, or no yard at all? No problem. Try these urban gardening tips and techniques to add a little greenery to your space.>>

  • 6 Tips for Starting a Windowsill Garden>>

    Dust off your green thumb and try your hand at winter gardening with these fun and easy windowsill planting tips.>>

  • 8 Winter Prep Tips for Your Garden>>

    Winter is coming, whether you’re ready or not, and your garden needs attention. Follow this step-by-step guide to protecting your plants, and ensure your garden is good to go for spring.>>

  • 7 Secrets to a Better Lawn>>

    Get your grass greener, help your lawn stay lush and learn how to keep your mower in top condition with this guide to getting a better, healthier lawn.>>

  • 8 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow at Home>>

    Heal rashes, treat depression and reduce indigestion with these herbs and plants you can grow in your own garden.>>

  • 10 Tricks for Growing Better Vegetables>>

    Control pests, keep plants safe from cold weather and learn the experts' secrets and tips for growing the tastiest vegetables in your garden.>>

  • 7 Insects You Actually Want In Your Garden>>

    Get rid of the pests and keep the bugs you need for a healthy growing garden with this guide to seven essential garden insects.>>

  • 8 DIY Tips for Caring for Trees and Shrubs>>

    Get your azaleas, roses, trees and shrubs looking fantastic by following these gardener's do-it-yourself tips.>>

  • 11 DIY Secrets to Starting Your Garden>>

    Start seeding and get your garden looking great using these cheap, do-it-yourself solutions to starting your summer garden.>>

  • 5 Things to Start Your Spring Garden Indoors>>

    Kick your spring gardening off with a bang by following these tips on sowing seeds indoors.>>

  • 9 Tips for Planning Your Indoor Garden>>

    House plants bring life and colour into the home and require little in the way of maintenance. Follow these simple tips and your indoor garden should thrive.>>

  • 4 Ways to Grow Edible Plants Indoors>>

    Try these simple methods for growing herbs, vegetables and sprouts indoors, and make the smallest windowsill feel like the largest outdoor garden.>>

  • 6 Getaway Gardening Tips>>

    Heading out for a long weekend or vacation? Follow these tips to keep your garden alive and well while you're gone.>>

  • 7 Must-Follow Rules of Gardening>>

    Nothing is worse than a garden that won't grow. Whether it’s stubborn soil or pesky pests, a problematic garden can be truly frustrating. Check out these tips if you’re sick of the struggle and want to see your plants payoff. >>

  • 7 Edible Flowers>>

    This spring, let your garden do double duty and add flowers to your salads. Here are seven flowers that you can bring from the garden to the table>>

  • 5 Myths and Truth About Bees>>

    There are almost 20,000 known species of bee. Most of them do not fit the traditional view of what a bee can do and some of them fit none of the archetypes people will normally think of when they think of bees. Discover some of the most common myths about bees and see how you can help them.>>

  • The Best Summer Flowers>>

    Early summer is a time of bounty in any garden. A full canopy of leaves on trees and shrubs form lush clouds of green overhead, and sunny beds boast an abundance of beautiful blossoms. The list of early-summer bloomers is a long one.>>

  • Your Guide to Better Pruning Tools>>

    Pruning your bushes, trees and shrubs has never been easier, but sometimes it’s hard to see exactly how. Sure, all the pruning gear looks great on the shelves, but how will it perform when you get home? Steve Maxwell, casaGURU's home improvement guru, cuts through the bushes and mediocre gardening tools.>>

  • 9 Bizarre Plant Life Species>>

    Mother Nature gives rise to some of the most amazing and unusual looking organisms and when it comes to our rooted, leafy friends, there are some pretty incredible species to be found. Here’s a look at nine truly bizarre plant life species.>>

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