10 Canadian Travel Influencers Who Will Inspire You to Pack Your Bags

Looking for travel inspiration? You’ll find it in abundance on these Canadian influencers’ social feeds!

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Canadian travel influencers worth following

Travel influencers come in all ages and life stages, from parents who travel the world with little ones in tow to golden age adventurers spending their retirement years on the road (and in the skies!). Here are 10 noteworthy globetrotters guaranteed to spark your wanderlust—and maybe even inspire you to grow your own Instagram following.

Travel With Kevin and Ruth

Kevin and Ruth Read are redefining what it means to be retired. This adventurous Canadian couple, originally from Ottawa, live most of their life in a motorhome, exploring the world and sharing details of their off-the-beaten-path adventures on Instagram and their blog, where they attract more than 2,000 devoted readers every day. Think you need to slow down when you hit 60? Kevin and Ruth will teach you how to keep your foot on the motorhome gas pedal of life.

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Jake & Marie

Have you ever travelled to a special place you loved so much, that you started planning a return the minute you got home? For Jake and Marie, that special place is the whole of Canada. These outdoorsy influencers have travelled the country from coast to coast eight times (and counting), discovering something new on each pass, from the best road trip routes to the prime camping spots and the most rewarding hikes. On Instagram, they offer stunning photos and tips and tricks in equal measure.

Travels With Baggage

So much of travel is about mindset. What sets Jody Robbins apart? The Calgary-based Canadian travel influencer says “yes” to life, which leads her on many adventures with her husband, daughter and dog, including rock climbing in the Canadian Rockies, glamping on the southwestern shores of Nova Scotia and standup paddle boarding in Hawaii. Jody says it best: “Whether it’s luggage, time or just life, I cram as much as possible into small compartments.”

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The Planet D

Of all the travel influencers in Canada, Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil, better known as The Planet D, are the most accomplished globetrotters. They’ve visited more than 120 countries on all seven continents, shared countless photos, articles, travel itineraries and YouTube videos and have amassed more than 200,000 followers on Instagram alone. The Planet D are currently taking a break to focus on health, but have a canoe trip to the Amazon in the works, as well as adventures in Belize and Portugal. “There is still so much more to see and many more mountains to climb,” Deb writes in a recent Instagram post.

Krista’s Compass

Ever feel as though you’re stuck in a rut? Give Krista Hamelin a follow. The Quebec native is on a mission to live a life that her “soul craves,” replete with thrills and epic views. Though Krista’s passion for travel was first ignited in 5th grade during a family trip to the Canadian Rockies and later rekindled during a class trip to Panama as a teenager, she still found herself in a dark place as a young adult, depressed and chasing a career in a field she didn’t enjoy. Thankfully, travel got her back on track. By sharing breathtaking photos from her journeys and offering helpful travel tips, this Canadian travel influencer strives to inspire others to follow their dreams and discover their own purpose.

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Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy

Lori Sweet and Sylvio Roy give “highflying couple” a whole new meaning. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, these travel influencers love nothing more than embarking on aerial adventures, whether it’s exploring remote islands or admiring breathtaking landscapes from above. What’s even more impressive than this couple’s knack for seeking out adventure is their talent for sharing it with others. As travel writers and photographers, Lori and Sylvio have a unique ability to capture their experiences with stunning photos and captivating stories that will leave you yearning to embark on your own journey.

Rachel Barkman

Rachel Barkman is less of a travel influencer in the traditional sense and more of a guide to the hidden beauty of the B.C. wilderness. Set in lush forests, Rachel’s photos are infused with a deep appreciation for the natural world, capturing details like the intricate texture of tree bark and the unusual alignment of mini mushrooms taking up residence on a moss-covered log. It’s not surprising to learn that she considers her photos “love letters to the forest.”

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Globe Guide

What do you do when you a) love adventure, and b) tend to suffer from travel FOMO (fear of missing out)? If you’re anything like Calgary-based journalist and travel influencer Tamara Elliott, it means you spend every waking minute on the hunt for fascinating new people to meet, new wines to savour and new cultures to experience. Whether she’s exploring her own backyard in Alberta, embarking on a European road trip, or venturing to remote locations like Uyuni, Bolivia, the founder of Globe Guide offers savvy travel tips and unique experiences you’ll be adding to your bucket list.

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Argen Elezi

You don’t need to travel to far off destinations to experience beauty. Toronto-based influencer Argen Elezi proves travel is a mindset: sometimes we just need to escape our ordinary routines and perspectives to experience the extraordinary. From the way snow clings to Toronto park benches in winter to the way asphalt glows under Vancouver street lights at night, Argen captures the stunning landscapes and the everyday beauty we’re often too busy to appreciate.

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LDH Retired and Travelling

Canadian travel influencers Linda and David are the ultimate thrill-seeking retirees. Though they’re technically based in Toronto, they only seem to live there long enough to plan their next exhilarating excursion. Linda has piloted planes and has even been known to jump out of them (150 times and counting). Her husband, David, a retired navy diver, is just as fearless. As you’ll find on their lively blog, they’re always on the lookout for new whitewater kayaking spots, luxury cruises and fun experiences to satisfy their need for speed (and chocolate).

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