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4 Secrets to Save Big on Energy Costs

Are you looking to cut energy costs around the house? Follow these easy tips to save cash and help green your energy bill.

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Save Money and the Environment

Cutting your energy bill is a top priority for many Canadians. The savings can add up to thousands of dollars a year, and reducing home-energy use by 10 per cent is tops on the David Suzuki Foundation’s Nature Challenge, a 10-point list of ways Canadians can conserve. “People who are part of the challenge feel less overwhelmed by bad news because they know they’re making choices to improve things for the next generation,” says challenge specialist Randi Kruse. Using 10 per cent less energy will be a breeze, with these easy tips.

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Be Water-wise

Hot water accounts for about one fifth of a typical home’s energy bill. So take shorter showers, switch to lower flow faucets and shower heads, use cold water for laundry, and fill the dishwasher to capacity.

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Block Air Leaks

Having old windows and doors that allow air to seep in is comparable to having a basketball-size hole in your wall, says Kruse. Seal leaks with caulking and weather-stripping- one of the fastest and most effective ways to save on heating.

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Think Outside the Thermostat

In summer, reach for an icy drink, not the air conditioner. Get used to temperatures a few degrees cooler in winter and a few warmer in summer. Open windows to let summer breezes cool your home at night, and use a programmable thermostat.

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Dry Your Laundry Naturally

Top up your home-energy savings by using a clothesline instead of the clothes dryer, weather permitting.