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Ready to live your healthiest life? From the best vitamins and supplements to everyday habits that boost your mental health and wellness, these healthy living tips are a great place to start.

What Your Earwax Says About Your Health

We spoke to Rex Banks, a doctor of audiology, about what our earwax’s colour, consistency and even odour might mean.

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What Might Happen When You Start Meditating Every Day

Thought about adding meditation to your daily routine? Wellness counsellor Deepak Kashyap reveals eight health benefits you might experience from...

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12 Ways Your Body Deals With Freezing Weather

When the temperature drops below freezing, the human body uses these incredible mechanisms to try to stay warm.

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cold Weather

Many Canadians find the long winters challenging, but did you know there are many health benefits associated with cold weather?

4 Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System This Winter

Maintain your health in spite of flu season.

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6 Ways to Ease Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder—or if the darker, colder months just get you down—there are many ways to...

The Benefits of Consuming Caffeine—and the Risks You Haven’t Heard Of

Caffeine is mostly safe and might even prevent dementia, but it comes with risks.

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15 Foods That Are Natural Laxatives

Keep your digestive tract healthy with one of these foods that are natural laxatives.

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How to Quit Social Media (And Why You Might Consider It)

Concerned you might be addicted to social media? Here's expert advice on how to unplug.

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10 Bad Habits and the Most Effective Ways to Quit Them

Are you a heavy smoker or drinker? Do you tend to spent too much money on things? It's not too...

The Surprising Reason Why Laughing Is Good for You

Beyond a mood lift, laughing often may help prevent a heart event, reduce stress and increase endurance.

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10 Things You Should Never Do Before a Doctor Appointment—and 4 Things You Should

Whether you're going in for checkups or common tests, here's how to get the most out of your next visit.

Curious about CBD?

The ultimate guide for a first timer.

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6 Things You Should Always Do on a Monday

From starting a new diet to investing in the stock market, it's in your best interest to tackle certain tasks...

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20+ Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

What to eat, drink, and download to reduce your risk of dementia and have better brain health at any age.

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12 Signs You Need to Visit an Eye Doctor

You don’t want to take risks when it comes to your eye health. Any type of eye pain or discomfort...

How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

From flooding to fires, here are four simple tips to keep you and your family safe when extreme weather strikes.

Why You Should Always Read Before Bed

Before you decide to scroll through your phone or binge-watch a show in bed tonight, read this.

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13 Eye Care Tips Your Optometrist Wishes You Knew

To keep your peepers healthy, make sure to follow these eye care tips from Canadian optometrists.

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8 Supplements and Vitamins for Memory—What Works and What Doesn’t

Should you be taking vitamin B12 to keep your mind sharp? What about ginseng? Learn the truth behind memory supplements...

How to Recognize 10 Signs of Happiness

Though it may come in different forms for different people, most human beings are in pursuit of the same thing:...

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10 Surprising Benefits of Being Left-Handed

Only 10 per cent of the population is left-handed. While there may not be many of them, being left-handed sure...

Chronic Pain–Canadians are Under Siege

Imagine always being in pain. Never being able to relax, sleep properly, or feel completely well. For an estimated 20%...

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10 Easy Ways to Improve Gut Health

Looking for an alternative to expensive probiotics? Here are 10 wallet-friendly ways to improve gut health and reap the rewards...

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14 Foods That Are Worse for Your Teeth Than Candy

You could be sabotaging your beautiful smile without even knowing it.