Personalized Christmas Stocking Cookies

Edible pens make customizing cookies as easy as writing a name.

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Basic Sugar Cookie Dough
Basic Frosting
Stocking cookie cutter
Food colouring (red, white and green)
3 disposable frosting bags
3 couplers
3 decorating tips, sizes “4,” “4,” and “2”
Rubber bands
Edible pen (Find edible pens at any major craft store or cake decorating supply store)


  1. Prepare dough and frosting according to the recipes and cut out stocking cookies. Bake and let cool.
  2. Follow the Basic Decorating Instructions to tint frosting with white, red and green colouring and prepare frosting bags. Fill white bag using a 4 tip, red with a 4 tip and green with a 2 tip. Outline stocking cuff with white frosting and the stocking with red frosting. Let set about 15 minutes and flood each with white and red frosting respectively. Let set well, a couple hours at least.
  3. Pipe a design on the stocking, such as stripes, with the green frosting. Write a name on the cuff with the edible pen. Let dry overnight before packaging cookies.

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