What Food Says About Your Mood

Ever wonder why you grab a box of cookies when you’re feeling blue? How about taking a bite out of a steak when you’re mad? Turns out our moods affect our food choices more than we think.

Feel like biting into a steak? Maybe you need to take a deep breath instead. Cynthia Power, a Chicago area psychotherapist, says your food choices can show your mood.

Angry people often eat meat, which they can chew aggressively. “It’s a release, like screaming or stomping your feet,” says Power. Prefer “bulky” foods such as pasta or rice? You might be lonely-“You’re empty, so you want something that makes you feel full.”

Stressed out? You might reach for chips or crackers. The same glands that pump adrenaline can generate salt cravings, too. People who are sad, meanwhile, often opt for “comfort foods” such as ice cream or macaroni and cheese.

And if you gobble bread or doughnuts? Foods that are carbohydrate-rich and provide quick satisfaction, says Power, are often favourites of the sexually frustrated. “You want something that slides down easy, no hassles-it just feels good and is there for you.”

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