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5 Food Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

From food storage to healthy tips, find out how these little known food facts could benefit your health in more ways than one.

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1. Get Your Antioxidants in the Morning

Coffee’s not only our morning wake-up call, it’s also the No. 1 source of antioxidants in our diets, outpacing even cranberries and red grapes. Mind you, cranberries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables are much higher in antioxidants than coffee, but we don’t consume as much.

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2. Mastering Portion Control

Many everyday objects can help you eyeball serving sizes. A baseball is about the same size as a medium piece of fruit. Use a tennis ball for a small serving of bread, rolls, and starchy foods. A medium baked potato will look similar in size to a standard computer mouse. A DVD represents a pancake serving, or one serving of sandwich meats or sliced cheese. Three ounces of fish can be determined by comparing it to a deck of cards.

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3. The Best Way to Store Grapes

Wait to wash them. Cook’s Illustrated recommends storing unrinsed bunches on their stems in the refrigerator. Rinse just before serving.

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4. The Secret to Storing Avocados

Once an avocado is cut, it doesn’t stay fresh – or vibrantly green – for long. Try refrigerating it in a sealed container with some chopped onion. The onion works like a preservative, and says avocados will stay fresh for several days using this method. If you’re making guacamole, sprinkle chopped onion over the top and cover with tinfoil to store, then stir in the onions before serving.

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5. How to Buy the Freshest Fish

To spot the best-quality fish, look at the eyes, body, and color. Famed sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa explains in Bloomberg Businessweek that the eyes should be bright and clear, not cloudy or dull. The body should look metallic and clean and feel firm to the touch. The scales should be perfect – none should be missing – and the gills should be vibrant red.