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My Hometown

Get a glimpse into real life across the country with these hometown favourites from Reader's Digest travel writers.

Recent Features

  • My Hometown: Port Coquitlam, B.C.>>

    Born and raised in what we call PoCo, this small city has become a centre for arts and culture, outdoor activities and some funny comedians.>>

  • My Hometown: Ladner, B.C.>>

    “I had no idea this was here!” This is a common reaction when I introduce urban friends to Ladner’s Delta Street, with its shops so cute they bring to mind Main Street Disneyland rather than suburban Lotusland.>>

  • My Hometown: Halifax>>

    When I first moved to Halifax almost two years ago, I soon realized that I’d never lived in a friendlier place.>>

  • Hamilton in Pictures>>

    Hamilton has a reputation as an industrial town, but it has plenty of sights for the curious traveller. Click through these photos to learn more about what the Hammer has to offer.>>

  • Ladner, B.C. in Pictures>>

    Ladner, B.C. is a beautiful place to visit, as evidenced by these photographs. Click through for some of Ladner's quaint sights.>>

  • My Hometown: Kingston, Ontario>>

    I first saw Kingston on a bright, crisp Christmas day. The city had been dusted lightly with snow and its handsome limestone buildings were sparkling in the sunshine.>>

  • My Hometown: Manotick, Ontario>>

    The small town of Manotick in Southern Ontario has many shops, beautiful scenery, and historical sites to discover.>>

  • My Hometown: New Westminster, B.C.>>

    New Westminster, once the capital of British Columbia, was named by Queen Victoria and is affectionately known as “The Royal City”.>>

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