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You'll be surprised by these extraordinary uses for ordinary things in the home, garden and beyond.

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  • 5 Things to End Muscle Pain>>

    When our muscles ache, often our first instinct is to reach for the pill bottle. But even seemingly benign drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin can, over time, increase your risk for ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Fortunately, there are alternatives for dealing with muscle soreness.>>

  • 5 Ways to Make Wild Birds Happy>>

    By creating an environment that makes your feathered friends happy, you’ll keep them coming throughout the year. Here are five ways to make your yard the birds’ happy place.>>

  • 5 Things You Didn't Know About Olive Oil>>

    This pantry staple has more uses than you might think. Just take a look at these nine amazing facts about olive oil.>>

  • 5 Things to Help You Think Happier>>

    More and more research has shown the connection between the mind and body. Have a positive outlook on life, and you can boost your health. Learn to laugh off everyday stresses and you can avoid some ailments. The best thing, though: You can think yourself to a happier and healthier self.>>

  • 5 Things to Naturally Boost Your Memory>>

    Your mind is sort of like a muscle. The more you use it, the better your memory. In addition to giving your grey matter some exercise, here are five other memory-boosting home remedies.>>

  • 5 Things to Help You During a Winter Storm>>

    When a storm warning makes you feel like you’re inside a snow globe, it’s time to think about survival. Here are five things to get you through that nasty weather.>>

  • 5 More Things to do With Eggs>>

    Have some extra eggs laying around? There's more to do with them than bake or fry them up. Here are five things to do with eggs.>>

  • 5 Things to Know About Your iPhone>>

    It was unimaginable 20 years ago that one device could combine a phone, computer, answering machine and about a dozen other gadgets in one handheld cell phone. Here are five surprising capabilities that you may not know about your iPhone.>>

  • 5 Facts About Facebook>>

    When you say you’ll “message” someone, chances are you mean that you’ll communicate via Facebook. With more than one billion estimated users, the social media site has become a part of everyday life, but this “free” service does come with some strings.>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Vegetable Peelers>>

    A vegetable peeler sits in the drawer but it's got more uses than just peeling those spuds. Here are five other ways it can come in handy.>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Jars>>

    When you're finished with a jar, don't just toss it into the recycling bin. Re-use it in one of these five ways.>>

  • 5 Things to Do With Cans>>

    Cans of pop, juice, and soup may pile up in your home but you don't have to take them out with the trash. Instead, reuse them in one of these five ways.>>

  • 5 Things to do With Pie Pans>>

    If you're baking a pie and have a few extra pans laying around, repurpose them to help you get organized or decorate around your home. Here are five functional things to do with pie pans.>>

  • 5 Things For Ear Infections>>

    Ear infections are extremely common, striking three out of four children at least once before age three. Here are five things to ease the earache.>>

  • 5 Things For Migraines>>

    There are headaches, and then there are migraines. Prior to a migraine, you might be extra sensitive to light, smell, sound or even experience flashing lights or partial loss of vision. Here are five things to help you through a migraine.>>

  • 5 Things For Bronchitis>>

    When you have a deep rattling cough that just won't quit, you probably have bronchitis–inflammation of the bronchial tubes that results in a chest full of phlegm. Here are five things to help with your discomfort.>>

  • 5 Things For Treating The Flu>>

    Unlike the common cold, which is annoying but ultimately harmless, the flu can be dangerous. Follow these five steps at the first sign of the flu.>>

  • 5 Things For Colds>>

    While we can't cure colds, we are getting better at making them shorter and less severe. Use these five things to reduce the duration of your cold.>>

  • 5 Things For Heartburn>>

    No one likes an upset tummy. Here are five things to ease your pain and help you get on with your day without heartburn.>>

  • 5 Things For Eyestrain>>

    Cool your eyes and avoid painful strain with these five tips.>>

  • 5 Things For Chapped Lips>>

    When the season gets a little chilly, follow these five tips to keep your lips smooth.>>

  • 5 Things For Bad Breath>>

    Avoid the embarrassment of bad breath with these five tips.>>

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