Why You Should Drill Holes in Your Garbage Can

You won't believe the difference this makes when it's time to take out the trash!

Drill holes in trash can - garbage bag in garbage canPhoto: Family Handyman

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to quickly get the trash out and the full, heavy bag of garbage vacuum-seals itself into the bin. Shifting the bag back and forth until it finally slips free can be time-consuming and quite the workout, but pulling the bag too hard will just rip it open spilling your garbage all over the place. Luckily, this simple trick will stop the problem in its tracks!

Why you should drill holes in your garbage canPhoto: Family Handyman
“When a trash bag fits tightly around the rim of the trashcan, it forms a seal. This leaves a new bag bubbled up and hard to fill, and makes a full bag hard to remove. A few ¼-inch holes drilled into my plastic trashcans solves both problems.” – Jim Manning

Drilling holes into the side of the bin allows air to enter the garbage can beneath the seal of the bag, making it impossible for the bag to vacuum-pack itself in. You’ll be able to easily slide the full bag out of the bin and remove it from your home. Problem solved! Our friends at The editors at Family Handyman found that a couple of ¼-inch holes do the trick. A power drill is the easiest way to achieve this, but depending on the material of your garbage can, you may have to get creative. A metal trash can will require specialized tools, and maybe a professional’s assistance.

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