Octave: A New Era of Specialty Foam Mattresses

Ever toss and turn on a hot night, longing for a cool side of the bed that never comes? Or wake up with aches and pains after sleeping on a mattress that feels as supportive as a marshmallow? You're not alone.

Octave Vista Hero LifestylePhoto: Octave

In our search for that ‘just right’ night’s sleep, many of us have turned to memory foam mattresses, which offer great comfort, pinpointed pressure relief and support. Yet, they have a notorious downside—memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat, leaving us sweltering instead of snoozing.

That’s where Octave comes in. Packed with the latest and most advanced cooling technologies and foam advancements, Octave’s specialty mattress lineup is primed to keep you comfortably snoozing all night.

Octave, home to Canada’s best specialty foam mattresses, not only addresses the issue of heat-trapping associated with traditional memory foam but also enhances the features that made us fall in love with memory foam in the first place, like motion isolation and pressure point relief. Let’s explore how Octave is changing the game in the world of sleep.

Advanced Cooling Unleashed

From the get-go, Octave doesn’t mess around. Every mattress in the brand’s lineup, starting from the entry-level Octave Vista, is a masterclass in thoughtful design—multiple layers of premium specialty foams infused with advanced cooling features dotted throughout the mattress guarantee sweat-free slumber.

Octave Vista Lifestyle 1Photo: Octave

A refreshing coolness washes over you the minute you lie down on Octave’s bespoke top cover. This machine-washable cover, infused to the brim with cooling nanofibres, will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a breezy oasis. But the chill factor doesn’t stop there.

Just underneath that cool cover, the Vista has a layer of copper gel memory foam treated with phase-change materials. While copper actively pulls away any excess heat, the phase-change material helps keep your body at the perfect temperature throughout the night. Plus, the sturdy high-density base foam isn’t just for support—it’s designed with air channels for constant ventilation and airflow.

Sleep Undisturbed

Let’s face it, we all want a mattress that helps you stay asleep throughout the night, even when your partner is thrashing in their sleep and performing the macarena. For many of us, finding a mattress with excellent motion isolation is key and foam mattresses are popular for that very reason, but Octave takes it up a notch.

How? It’s all in the layers. Octave mattresses have been meticulously designed and are exclusively made with specialty foams—like premium Elastex® foam or aerated Talalay latex layers to cushion and conform to your shoulders, back, and hips. Its high-density base foam is engineered to provide exceptional motion isolation, which is critical to a great night’s sleep.

Octave Vista Lifestyle 4Photo: Octave

These layers, each with a unique role, work together to give you a sleep that’s as steady and pressure-relieving as it gets. So, if you’re dreaming of a slumber that’s uninterrupted and oh-so-comfortable, Octave has got you covered.

Where to Snooze in Comfort

Octave offers three distinct mattress models, each designed purely with specialty foams, to deliver a tailored sleep experience. Prices for Octave Vista, our top pick and Canada’s best specialty foam mattress, start at a dreamy price of $599, which is an absolute steal for a specialty foam mattress!

Can’t wait to dive into the world of Octave? Good news: this top-tier comfort is proudly crafted right here in Canada and just a few clicks away.

With free shipping to most parts of Canada, an impressive 365-night sleep trial, a 15-year warranty, and a FREE bedding bundle (includes two pillows and pillow protectors, a sheet set, and a mattress protector), getting an Octave mattress is a no-brainer. Get yours at OctaveSleep.ca.