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Jann Arden’s Sound Advice


An estimated three million Canadians suffer from substantial hearing loss—and one of them is the woman Jann Arden calls mom. That’s why the award-winning Canadian musician is on a mission to raise awareness about hearing loss and the healthy habits that can help slow—and sometimes even prevent—the condition.

5 Ways to Eat Like a Dentist


Ever consider that one of the reasons dentists have such healthy teeth is because they eat nutritiously? We talked to Dr. Euan Swan, manager of dental programs at the Canadian Dental Association, about eating habits that help keep pearly whites in perfect health.

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Is Coffee Healthy or Harmful?


We all love our cup of java, but the jury’s still out whether coffee is healthy or harmful. Here’s what recent research has found about the potential perks (and pitfalls) of the mighty roasted bean.