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9 Hilarious Restaurant Signs

These funny restaurant road signs will make you consider packing a snack before your next road trip.

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In an unprecedented move, KFC takes a stab at honest advertising.

Photo: Thomas Haynie

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All-Dressed Turkey

We’ll stick to turkey with dressing on the side, thanks.

Photo: Marilyn Tiearney

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Customer Service

Words of wisdom, spoken by the soon-to-be unemployed.

Photo: Michelle Byrd

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Now That’s Value!

Super-size your fries with an interest-free loan.

Photo: Jennifer Ogburn

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Bacon on Ice

McDonald’s new low-calorie menu may need a little work.

Photo: Curtis Musselman

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My Meat Loaf is Cold

Really, guys. What’s worse? The fact that they are serving air-conditioned meat loaf, or that the key selling point for eating at this restaurant is that they have air conditioning?

Photo: Maggie Pavelko

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This Drive-Thru Line is Going Nowhere!

The sign not pictured? Table reservations required for take-out.

Photo: Douglass Partchey

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Career Plans

Lets hope starting wages cover the student loans.

Photo: Rebecca Williford

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Do They Have a Wet Bar?

Great food, but you have to make a real splash just to get a table.

Photo: Jennifer K. DiMare