Why Point Pelee National Park is a Shutterbug’s Paradise

Photo opps abound in Point Pelee National Park—if you keep your eyes open! Here’s what makes this Leamington, Ontario, attraction a must-see for shutterbugs across Canada.

Frog in Point Pelee National ParkPhoto: Alan Cheng

Point Pelee National Park is a Must-Visit For All Photographers

Photography is one of my favourite hobbies. The subjects I most enjoy taking pictures of include still life, close-ups, scenery and candid shots. (Don’t miss this impressive gallery of macro photography.)

Last summer, I was contracted to work in a town not too far from Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario. I’d been to the park a couple of times before, hoping to see the migrating monarch butterflies, but my timing was always off, so I didn’t get to see many of them.

Last August, after finishing my contract work, I spent a sunny afternoon at the park. I didn’t expect to see the butterflies again at that time of year—I just wanted to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the trails. While walking, I snapped a few photos, but I took a lot more after coming across a pond near the visitor centre. As I was sitting near the water, I noticed lots of dragonflies and other insects flying around the pond. There were also dozens of little frogs jumping around on rocks and plants, or swimming leisurely in the water.

There were quite a few people gathered around the pond, as well as some kids playing nearby, which created quite a bit of noise.

Suddenly, I spotted this little guy (above) hiding in a dead tree trunk. His colour so closely matched that of the tree that I didn’t notice him at first. He was perched in the log, just above the water, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun, and didn’t seem bothered one bit by all of the activity going on around him.

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Originally Published in Our Canada