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It’s a Small World

As a child, Dale was fascinated by the world closest to him; the world that was at eye level or lower. It was a world of small things such as flowers, bugs and the like. As he grew older, his world expanded to larger things of course but recently, with the purchase of a macro lens for his camera, he reverted back to his childhood fascination and everything about the small world became his passion once again.

Read his story in the October-November issue of Our Canada.

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Oil and Water

Oil on water with a colourful background.

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Colour Sunburst

The tip of a red crayon is a sunburst of colour.

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Every snowflake is unique, especially a macro shot.

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Fun Macro

This colourful spray bottle nozzle makes a cool macro photo.

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A woodlouse is considered to be a crustacean!

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Yellow Jacket

This yellow jacket is just beginning to build its home.