7 Restaurants in the Canadian Rockies That Are as Impressive as the Scenery

From mountaintop fine dining accessible via gondola to a lakeside restaurant inspired by a former gangster in Denmark, these culinary gems are not to be missed.

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Wenkchemna Peaks Reflection on Moraine Lake, Banff, Rocky Mountain, Canada
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Wenkchemna Peaks Reflection on Moraine Lake in Banff, Alberta.

The Best Restaurants in the Canadian Rockies

Amid towering peaks, stunning turquoise lakes and formidable glaciers, awe-inspiring landscapes have long been the star attraction of the Canadian Rockies. But in the alpine towns of Banff and Jasper, a culinary revolution is quietly brewing. Embark on a culinary journey through the Canadian Rockies with these must-try restaurants, where creative farm-fresh food meets the grandeur of nature.

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Brazen, Banff

If you’re looking for adventure you can fit in your mouth, head to Brazen, one of the best restaurants in the Canadian Rockies, located in Banff’s historic Mount Royal Hotel. Its old world-inspired menu pays homage to the mountaineers and adventurers who founded the town in the 1880s, with refreshingly new takes on classic cocktails and seasonal Canadian dishes (like ginger beef with blistered shishitos, onions and ginger syrup).

The restaurant’s truffle parmesan potatoes, perfectly crispy and smothered in honey butter, have achieved legendary status in these parts. Head chef Dan Jericka has overheard people raving about them even beyond Brazen’s doors—they might just be his legacy, he says. Also noteworthy are Brazen’s provocative and daring desserts, like a coffee-flavoured crème brûlée resembling a cigarette in an ashtray (ironically one of the few items on the menu not set on fire at tableside) which you won’t find on any official menu.

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Best Restaurants In The Canadian Rockies - Jasper - Table with spread of plates of food, silverware and glasses
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Terra, Jasper

If you’ve ever visited Jasper National Park in Alberta, you know what this special place looks like. Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Jasper mesmerizes with its towering snow-capped peaks, lush forests, glacial rivers and mirrored lakes. But what does Jasper taste like? Terra, one of the best restaurants in the Canadian Rockies, aims to answer that question.

Terra combines locally-sourced produce with foraged fare, resulting in creations that embody the true taste of the region—like the Alberta steak frites (juniper-rubbed certified Angus beef striploin steak with a red wine jus and rosemary fries). Make sure to start your meal with the house sourdough, served with maple miso butter—the sourdough starter has been passed down for generations—and a locally-inspired cocktail, like the “apple-basca” old fashioned (named after the nearby Athabasca Glacier) made with Rocky Mountain Big Horn Apple Pie Liqueur, dark rum, brown sugar simple syrup and black walnut bitters.

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Best Restaurants In The Canadian Rockies - Farm And Fire - Pizza and person cutting food on plate
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Farm & Fire, Banff

Like a laugh, a hug or an embarrassing childhood photo, some things are best shared with others. Farm & Fire is one of those things. From the delectable funghi pizza, featuring basil-arugula pesto, mushrooms and pickled red onion, to the vegetable Wellington, a vegan take on the classic meat and pastry dish, Farm & Fire’s slow-roasted and wood-fired offerings are tailored for shared enjoyment.

Standouts include the rotisserie chicken pizza (which executive chef Scott Hergott swears is even better straight out of the fridge the next morning) and the fresh tomato salad. The scenery is pretty good, too, whether you’re gazing at the majestic mountains out the window or watching your chef play with fire in the open kitchen.

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Best Restaurants In The Canadian Rockies - Sky Bistro - Plate of food overlooking mountains
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Sky Bistro, Banff

Perched atop Banff’s Sulphur Mountain, Sky Bistro promises an extraordinary dining adventure (and we do emphasize the word adventure) in the Canadian Rockies. Accessible only by an exhilarating eight-minute gondola ride to the top of a 7,500-foot mountain, you’ll be treated to unparalleled panoramic views of six Rocky Mountain ranges before you even take a seat at the restaurant.

Then there’s the food. Partnering with local producers, Sky Bistro crafts dishes showcasing Canada’s unique flavours, such as the 48-hour brined, maple-glazed pork chop, and corn and basil ravioli with oat and corn saffron cream, paired with exceptional Canadian wines from coast-to-coast and inventive cocktails, like the smoked old fashioned, torched at tableside. This unforgettable culinary journey, complemented by breathtaking vistas, makes Sky Bistro a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

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Bluebird Wood Fired Steakhouse - Dim interior of restaurant
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Bluebird Wood-fired Steakhouse, Banff

Step into the warmth of Bluebird Wood-fired Steakhouse, a Banff restaurant that marries the sophistication of fine dining with the coziness of a mid-century Alpine ski chalet. Grab a seat by the 15-metre high fireplace, designed to mirror the town’s iconic bridge, as you enjoy reimagined steakhouse classics, such as the steakhouse double cheeseburger or the B.C. halibut (complete with mango and habanero salsa and crispy tempura bits). Bluebird isn’t just a post-skiing retreat; this top restaurant in the Canadian Rockies may just outshine the mountains on your next Banff adventure.

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Aalto Restaurant - charcuterie board, bread and other food on table

Aalto, Jasper

Aalto, meaning “wave” in Finnish, brings the fish-forward flavours of Scandinavia to the Canadian Rockies. Located along the enchanting shore of Pyramid Lake, nestled at the base of Pyramid Mountain, this restaurant takes inspiration from the concept of “lake food,” crafting dishes that highlight Jasper’s regional flavours and infusing them with unmistakable Nordic essence.

Menus, evolving with the seasons, feature fish, shellfish, Alberta-raised beef, and fresh salads. The “grazing menu” offers shareable plates, including the signature “land and sea board,” a charcuterie delight showcasing house-cured meats, sourdough lavash, pickles and preserves. The restaurant’s Scandinavian inspiration is only going to become more pronounced in the coming months, as chef de cuisine Shane Rutledge recently spent time in Copenhagen working under Eric Vildgaard, a former gangster turned renowned chef of the two-Michelin star restaurant Jordnær.

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Jasper Brewing Co - People seated at table sharing food
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Jasper Brewing Co., Jasper

Jasper Brewing Co., Canada’s first National Park Brewery, is a vibrant community hub and haven for craft beer and upscale pub food. This brewpub, one of the best restaurants in the Canadian Rockies, offers high-quality beer that embodies the spirit of Jasper—brewed on-site using premium hops, malts, cultured yeast strains and pure mountain water from the Canadian Rockies.

Standout beers include the Babe Tangerine Dream—which tastes like the type of mimosa you might have after a spirited game of pond hockey—and the Babe Blueberry Vanilla Ale, showcasing B.C. blueberries, balanced with a subtle hint of vanilla.

If beer isn’t your thing, there’s also plenty of hearty, fresh, regional food to enjoy, including the fresh seared halloumi bowl and rustic elk meatloaf.

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